2008 Honda CR-V Styling

On Styling

The 2008 Honda CR-V has a polarizing outer style that gives reviewers pause—thankfully, the interior’s a lot less controversial.

Completely redesigned for 2007, the new CR-V features lower (by 1.3 inches) step-in height and is actually shorter overall than the '06 model it replaced, but it has a roomier interior.

The 2008 Honda CR-V's exterior gets mixed reviews, but the inside is aesthetically pleasing.

The exterior styling of the 2008 Honda CR-V, with its mix of arcs and creases, looks a little odd from some angles, but inside, the CR-V's styling is more universally attractive. Car and Driver says the new 2008 CR-V’s “styling may not please everyone.” That’s putting it mildly, when other reviewers have their say. Motor Trend points out, “It's more jelly-bean-shaped, far more emotional in its details. The headlights are flare-back like an extreme facelift; the pursed-mouth grille is now slightly opened, as if it might snap at you.” Edmunds calls it “sort of weird-looking,” and says it “has an underbite,” though “from every other angle the CR-V’s design shines.” Kelley Blue Book agrees, commenting that the "side view is dramatically different than past CR-Vs." likes the “subtle creases on the bodyside and around the wheel wells also help the CR-V avoid the slab-sided look of early-generation SUVs."

The CR-V’s interior has an instrument panel that's upright, if a bit trucklike, as well as nice contrasting materials and brightwork. It also draws more favorable comments. Edmunds's opinion is that "the best attribute of the CR-V is its attractive yet practical cabin design." reports that “Honda has really found its stride with interiors lately,” and thinks the “dash is perfectly executed,” noting that the CR-V “opts for a more straightforward side-by-side setup with an informative digital display wedged between the speedometer and tachometer.” Motor Trend says “the gauges and controls would make sense to somebody raised by wolves and suddenly plopped behind the wheel.”

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