2008 Lexus SC 430 Comfort & Quality

On Comfort & Quality

The 2008 Lexus SC 430 may be short on sporty handling and performance, but it's definitely long on luxury.

Although the 2008 Lexus SC 430 is technically a four-seater, notes that couples with children should be aware that it is one in name only. Edmunds reports that the "rear seats are essentially useless...essentially a leather-lined package shelf." ConsumerGuide describes them as a "token gesture," with just enough room for "parcels or pets." In fact, Family Car suggests the reason the SC Lexus has a backseat is to help buyers avoid the exorbitant surcharge that insurance companies slap onto policies for two-seater roadsters.

The 2008 Lexus SC 430 has superb materials inside and plenty of room for two, but the rear seats are not recommended for humans.

ForbesAutos calls the 2008 Lexus SC 430 rear seats "virtually unusable," but suggests that they may be needed for storage because of limited trunk space. According to Edmunds, "the [Lexus SC 430] has a serious lack of cargo space"--a mere 8.8 cubic feet.

Inside, the Lexus SC 430 seats two in utter luxury. Jalopnik praises the interior of the Lexus SC 430: "impeccable...[it]would keep your butt (oops, sorry, posterior at this spending level) comfortable on a coast-to-coast drive." Edmunds describes the SC Lexus's interior as "handsome and finely finished, with an abundance of supple leather and lustrous wood throughout."

Noise levels are acceptable: ConsumerGuide reports that with the top in place, the Lexus SC 430 "matches most luxury coupes for refinement, despite some low but audible wind rustle and coarse-pavement tire thrum"; however, "the run-flat tires generate more road noise than the standard treads."

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