2008 Lincoln Town Car Styling

On Styling

If there was ever a car that could be considered conservative to the point of stodginess, it's the 2008 Lincoln Town Car.

Edmunds calls the Town Car Lincoln a "very old design"; indeed, except for the rounded, more streamlined look, it isn't very different from the Town Car of a decade ago. According to and Motor Trend, there have been no appreciable outward design changes since 2003. What this source calls the Town Car Lincoln's "formal appearance" starts with a "vertical-bar grille [and] a stand-up ornament," mounted at the front of the hood--shades of the 1970s! In fact, it goes back further: Motor Trend says, "Stylists have squared off the Town Car's body, to better reflect upcoming designs that will hearken back to the classic sharply chiseled 'suicide door' Continentals of the early 1960s." This source also adds that the stand-up hood ornament "helps drivers navigate parking spaces."

The 2008 Lincoln Town Car has baroque styling that’s been around for a long time—too long.

The interior of the Lincoln Town Car features "a touch of the white-light and satin-nickel interior trim," which since 2003 has made "a big splash" in other Lincoln models, according to Motor Trend. describes more interior touches such as "seats are trimmed in premium leather," while "panels with burl walnut appliqué decorate the instrument panel and doors."

Car and Driver also reports that the 2008 Lincoln Town Car is the "last traditional American luxury sedan," as does Jalopnik, which reports that it is to be sent "to the gallows" this year. Edmunds advises that the Lincoln Town Car, which has "outlived its usefulness," will appeal mainly to those who long for "the good old days of large American luxury sedans." It may have a slight advantage for paparazzi and other celebrity hounds: Edmunds adds that those driving the Lincoln Town Car are frequently flagged down at airports by those looking for a limo.

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