2008 Lincoln Town Car Performance

On Performance

The 2008 Lincoln Town Car is underpowered and has little in the way of "road feel," according to reviews from around the Web.

Edmunds says the Town Car Lincoln's "thirsty V8" is "less powerful than many V6 engines." The 4.6-liter V-8 powerplant puts out a mere 239 horsepower, less than many smaller V-6 engines; Car and Driver sums it up as "tepid." ConsumerGuide notes that it is "quick enough," but "trails [rival] Cadillac DTS for overall performance."

The 2008 Lincoln Town Car has underwhelming power, decent fuel economy, and old-fashioned handling.

ConsumerGuide adds that the "transmission hesitates to kick down for passing, but is otherwise responsive and smooth." This, according to Edmunds, is "a four-speed automatic transmission" from which you can "expect a 0-60-mph time in the mid-8-second range."

Despite its sluggish acceleration, the Lincoln Town Car gulps down an average of one gallon for every for 17.5 miles of travel. ConsumerGuide agrees that fuel economy is a definite "con," considering the 2008 Town Car Lincoln's mediocre levels of performance. AutoMedia damns with faint praise by saying that it is "not especially fuel efficient -- though not all that bad" at EPA estimates of 15 mpg city and 23 mpg highway.

ConsumerGuide advises that the 2008 Lincoln Town Car "leans more in turns than import-brand rivals" and says the steering is "slightly overboosted, but has good accuracy and road feel." Braking is reported on ConsumerGuide as "short and stable" for a heavyweight, but emergency stops tend to cause some nosedive. AutoMedia says that the "big disc brakes bring its bulk to stable stops without drama or noticeable normal driving." Edmunds is especially critical of the Lincoln Town Car's "antiquated suspension system," which causes the rear end to "jiggle and shake like a bowl of lime Jell-O placed on the head of Carmen Miranda" over broken pavement has a different take on the Lincoln Town Car, praising its "good connection with the road." On the other hand, Edmunds, while acknowledging that performance and power "should be adequate for most buyers," adds that the 2008 Lincoln Town Car suffers from "sloppy dynamics" and is "certainly lacking compared to similarly priced luxury sedans" and if you "like to feel connected to the road in any way, forget about it."

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