2008 Acura MDX Styling

On Styling

Generally, found that when it came to the 2008 Acura MDX, reviewers were pleased with the overall appearance.

Kelley Blue Book reports that "...the characteristics that made the original MDX appealing have carried over intact, if not improved," with few changes from 2007. Car and Driver describes the new MDX Acura as "a little sleeker and a little less boxy without excessive compromise of interior," which has "a sporty ambience."

You’ll either love the MDX, Acura's big crossover, or hate it--but you will not be able to ignore it. Those who like an edgy, high-tech-looking vehicle will embrace the 2008 Acura MDX; traditionalists will want to try elsewhere.

There are a few aspects of this 2008 Acura's styling to dislike, however. and the Washington Post agreed that the large aluminum grille is more suited to Wagnerian opera than the front of a contemporary luxury sport-utility vehicle, with adding that it "lacked a little in terms of personality and prestige." Nonetheless, it remains a top recommendation at that Web site, which feels that the MDX Acura compares very favorably with its chief competitors, the BMW X5 and Porsche Cayenne. Other adjectives used for this SUV were "athletic," "hunkered down," and "aggressive."

Forbes Auto had a slightly different take on the 2008 Acura MDX styling, calling it "bolder and richer-looking" with "chiseled lines" that are less conservative than its predecessor.

The Auto Channel expressed great admiration for its "bold lines and well-defined fenders," which take their inspiration from "car, not truck styling cues." Regarding the five-sided, medieval-looking grille, this source was quick to point out that it has been a virtual corporate logo for the past several years. Chances are, if you really dislike it, there are aftermarket customizations available.

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