2008 Acura MDX Comfort & Quality

On Comfort & Quality

Most reviewers were pleased with the comfort level when driving the Acura MDX, though one thing to understand about the 2008 MDX is that it is not designed for off-road expeditions over rough terrain.

ConsumerGuide Automotive gives this SUV above-average marks for overall comfort. When studying this particular report, noted the best marks were given for the base model, without options; the ride of this model was "compliant but controlled." On the other hand, the suspension available with the Sport package (explained in greater detail below) "allows too much wallow" when in Comfort Mode, and is too "brittle" when in Sport Mode.

Whether it's the daily commute or an extended road trip, you'll travel in comfort in the 2008 Acura MDX.

The reviewer for the Washington Post got some interesting perspectives on the MDX Acura from the women who drove this vehicle and wanted a car they could "trust more than [their] ex." Aside from their appreciation of this SUV's exceptional reliability, they "liked the idea that it did all of the work of a minivan or station wagon without looking or feeling like one."

Consumer Reports says that the Acura MDX provides a "pleasant...supple and controlled ride... and is more agile than its predecessor," also praising its overall quietness, especially at highway speeds. agrees, stating that when it comes to "comfort, versatility and refinement, the MDX excels."

The Auto Channel describes the 2008 MDX as having "all of the positive attributes of a crossover--space, versatility, and comfort, plus its own style"--calling it "high-tech contemporary mid-luxury."

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