2008 Honda Ridgeline Styling


Most car reviewers view the 2008 Honda Ridgeline as an unconventional-looking truck, and in general, reviews read by TheCarConnection.com found the Honda Ridgeline fairly distasteful.

Reviewers from ConsumerGuide were among the kindest when describing the Honda; 2008’s Ridgeline offers "a true-truck design in a relatively modest package." More often, reviewers weren’t as neutral. The 2008 Honda Ridgeline has been called "ugly" with its long nose, unexpectedly modern styling, and unibody construction. USAToday says, “Ridgeline could replace the Pontiac Aztek as the automotive metaphor for ugly.” The front end in particular struck the paper as bad: “The shiny part of the grille resembles a huge heating element or radio antenna.” Car and Driver says it has a “face to frighten truckers.”

The 2008 Honda Ridgeline’s unconventional sheetmetal detracts from a good interior.

While most pickup trucks look basically the same, the Honda Ridgeline is different with "no gap between the cab and the box," says Cars.com. "It looks like one solid piece when viewed from the side." Car and Driver is less tactful, declaring, "unfortunately, it's still ugly." CNet notes the “chunky styling that will polarize opinions as surely as will its country of origin. With a deliberately bold face and an Escalade EXT-esque buttress treatment between the cabin and the bed, the Ridgeline's distinctive exterior design cues may seem overwrought to America's dyed-in-the-wool pickup buyers.”

Inside, Motor Trend says “knobs are where you'd expect them and buttons where they should be.” The cabin is much less controversial, with CNet observing that the Honda Ridgeline’s interior “impresses in most regards.” Automobile reports that “interior features oversize matte silver knobs, a huge speedometer, and meaty door pulls (the better to distract you from the hard plastics everywhere else in the cabin).”

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