2008 Honda Ridgeline Comfort & Quality

Comfort & Quality

Most reviewers found the 2008 Honda Ridgeline is more a comfortable family vehicle with rugged trucklike attributes than a workhorse truck.

Edmunds admires the interior of the Honda; 2008’s Ridgeline has "comfortable seats, plenty of storage cubbies, sound ergonomics." And its small size makes it a "viable option as the sole family vehicle." But many car buyers are looking for the Honda Ridgeline as a cargo hauler.

The 2008 Honda Ridgeline is a comfortable, well-built with truck with many ingenious storage features—and a smaller truck bed.

Rather than having a separate cab and bed, TheCarConnection.com found Honda Ridgeline's unibody construction unites the two, making for a truly versatile vehicle. "It offers a roomy cabin for four with a great set of front bucket seats and a unique storage compartment," says Kelley Blue Book.

Shorter drivers found fault with the Ridgeline’s thick roof pillars, which obstructed all-around visibility, especially in the rear. ConsumerGuide notes the legroom is fine for average drivers, although tall drivers may "wish for more rearward seat travel."

However, ConsumerGuide points out that the heavy use of plastic paneling "disappoints." Also, ConsumerGuide says the controls are all typical of Honda vehicles, with simplistic gauges and rather hard-to-reach radio and navigation controls.

Seating is superior; this pickup has big, comfortable bucket seats in the front and a well-angled rear seatback that makes up for its rather unconventional look. Edmunds says the front bucket seats are “firm, well-shaped and comfortable.”

Still, most consumers buy a pickup for the cargo room, and the Ridgeline's cargo bed carries 4-by-8-feet sheets flat, if the tailgate is dropped. One of the Ridgeline's drawbacks is its 6.5 feet of floor length, while most of its competitors offer longer cargo length. Automobile points out that “there's no GM-style mid-gate to extend the cargo box.” Even so, the Ridgeline's duo tailgate is impressive with its swing-open or swing-down features.

Many reviewers are impressed with the Honda Ridgeline's utilitarian "covered and lockable space -- enough for three regular golf bags," says ConsumerGuide. This lockable space is under the truck bed, and “the ultra-practical box shape allows it to swallow even a giant-size cooler-or, with its waterproof periphery and built-in drain plug, it can be used as a cooler itself,” Automobile says.

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