2008 Infiniti QX56 Comfort & Quality

Comfort & Quality gives the 2008 Infiniti QX56 high marks for passenger comfort, but it loses points on cargo space and storage. reports the Infiniti QX56's "standard second-row captain's chairs give the three-row SUV a seven-person seating capacity, and a second-row bench seat bumps it up to eight." ConsumerGuide states, "Occupants ride high on wide, supportive seats with ample headroom and legroom," adding that the 2008 Infiniti QX56's "power-adjustable seat, pedals, and power tilt steering column are boons for driver comfort."

The 2008 Infiniti QX56 has less room inside than other big SUVs, but it’s lavishly trimmed and has comfortable three-row seating.

There seems to be some difference of opinion when it comes to second- and third-row seating aboard this Infiniti 2008, however. ConsumerGuide says, "Space in the 2nd row is bountiful, but the seats are ordinary for shape and comfort," while "space in the 3rd row is tight for adults." On the other hand, Edmunds reports that "SUV buyers crave roomy cabins and the [Infiniti] QX56's fits the bill, with spacious second and third rows." Either way, Kelley Blue Book calls it "a stylish, comfortable, featured-packed interior." notes, “The QX56 now comes standard with a power-folding third-row seat.”

It appears that the 2008 Infiniti QX56 drops the ball when it comes to cargo space, however; ConsumerGuide reports that "there's only grocery-bag space behind the 3rd row seat, plus modest under-floor storage," though they acknowledge that "numerous bins, pockets, and beverage holders create very good small-item storage." Edmunds points out the Infiniti 2008 QX56's cargo capacity "is less than most of its competitors...though the [Infiniti] QX56 offers a decent 20 cubic feet of luggage room with all three rows in use, maximum cargo capacity trails that of others in its class, coming in at just 97 cubic feet."

There's a lot to recommend the Infiniti QX56 in terms of ergonomics and quality, according to ConsumerGuide: "most controls are intuitive and clearly marked, though a few buttons are a stretch for either driver or passenger to easily reach...assembly quality is very good...padded surfaces and soft-touch materials are fitting of this SUV's premium pricing." Edmunds notes, "Materials have also been greatly improved, while real wood trim and soft leather trim continue to decorate the cabin."

Noise levels aboard the Infiniti QX56 could be better, but they could be worse as well: "Extra sound insulation makes [the 2008 Infiniti] QX56 a bit quieter than [the] Armada, but the engine still roars during full-throttle acceleration. Tire thrum intrudes on coarse pavement, but wind rush is subdued," reports ConsumerGuide. “The Q idles quietly but under acceleration the stainless steel exhaust emits a specially-tuned, powerful rumble. It's not as aggressive as the Titan pickup's throaty bellow, but it's noticeably cool. Luxury trucks with designer sound...what will they think of next?” Automedia asks.

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