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Reviewers across the Web felt that there isn’t another minivan on the market that can match the Chrysler feature for feature. The 2008 Chrysler Town & Country is loaded with items that meet the needs of families on the go who can genuinely use the underfloor storage, multiple 12-volt outlets, grocery bag hooks behind the front seats, power sliding doors, and all its unique features. listed “Lots of kid-friendly features" and "Innovative storage solutions” for the 2008 Chrysler Town & Country. Spot on. What’s not to like about available Sirius TV, dual-rear LCD monitors, several versions of the MyGIG entertainment system, and a second-row 115-volt outlet to keep game consoles running or laptops charged? Chrysler reintroduced the world to the minivan in 1983, and the company really does know its stuff when it comes to including features that make a difference to families on a practical basis.

The 2008 Chrysler Town & Country offers everything a family could want within those squared-up walls.

Car and Driver does some arithmetic and concludes, “The 2008 models have 35 new or improved features, but equally compelling is pricing that comes in below 2007 stickers.” Motor Trend adds, “Based on our drives in a range of preproduction 2008 units, Chrysler looks to have leaped straight back to the front of the minivan pack. Astutely reworking its family favorite, the automaker has retained the good stuff (the innovative quick-fold Stow 'n Go seats unveiled for 2004), jettisoned the Achilles' heels (dated jellybean design, weak powertrains), and added a ton of desirable new features--all while trimming the bottom line.”

While a shopper can get lost within the 2008 Chrysler Town & Country’s three trim levels (LX, Touring, and Limited), the option groups, and individual options, recommends selecting your seating configuration first. USAToday described them succinctly: “Basic layout is a two-passenger second-row bench seat with a three-passenger third row that folds into the floor. There's under-floor storage in front of the second row. Optional Stow 'n Go ($795 on Chryslers, $945 on Dodges) retains the disappearing third row, and allows you to tuck the second row under the floor for room enough to swallow 4x8-foot sheets of building material. Swivel 'n Go ($495) surrenders the second-row Stow 'n Go feature, but retains under-floor storage.”

The last option (Swivel 'n Go) enables second-row passengers to face rearward. Additionally, this option includes a pedestal-mount table that can be secured in the floor between the second and third rows—a great feature when those in back want to play a four-person game or share snacks. But beware, legroom gets tight when the chairs face each other. AutoWeek commented that the Swivel ‘n Go table “is very sturdy and locks in to place nicely.”

After selecting your seating arrangement, keep the final sticker price in line by choosing options carefully. thinks you should also steer way from options that you’ll rarely use, like the navigation system.

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