2008 Chrysler Sebring Styling

On Styling

The mid-size 2008 Chrysler Sebring is a distinct choice for shoppers who like its creased and decorated body, but for's editors, the unorthodox styling puts it far below the Honda Civic, the Toyota Corolla, and other larger sedans like the Ford Fusion. notes, “From the hood to the back, the Sebring has a number of different design elements in play. There's a strong crease in the side doors and an arcing C-pillar that descends into a stubby rear deck.” They add, “I don't find the Sebring especially attractive.” Autoblog calls the 2008 Sebring Chrysler "sedan just plain difficult to look at without flinching." Jalopnik is equally harsh, saying, "Congrats to the Chrysler team for taking a car that distinguishes itself for lackluster performance and giving it a body to match." Car and Driver bemoans, “It doesn’t even look that good, which is disappointing given that Chrysler used to have a reputation for excellent styling, not to mention the Sebring’s handsome predecessor.”

The 2008 Chrysler Sebring's styling finds few champions among auto reviewers.

One of the only fans of the 2008 Sebring's exterior is, who can only muster "nice looking" as a compliment, and even that has a caveat from their reviewer: "I have nothing against a distinctive design, but I definitely feel younger than the Sebring's target market." Car and Driver adds that although "styling is certainly different inside and out," the Chrysler Sebring's styling might prove to be "too different" and that the "interior design and materials are subpar."

Among the few truly positive comments is Kelley Blue Book's declaration that the 2008 Sebring's "passenger cabin [is] defined by clean, contemporary styling and a generous helping of metallic-looking trim"; and while they say it's perhaps not "as warm or welcoming as some of its's comfortable and attractive nonetheless." Damning with faint praise, Motor Trend chimes in with the opinion that the Sebring Chrysler 2008's "interior isn't bad aesthetically"--far better than's scathing "unattractive inside and out."

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