2008 Mercury Grand Marquis Comfort & Quality

On Comfort & Quality

Though its performance and styling are aged, the 2008 Mercury Grand Marquis stands out with its comfortable, spacious interior and huge trunk.

According to, the 2008 Mercury Grand Marquis "can hold up to six occupants," and it does so in supreme comfort. ConsumerGuide writes that the front offers "traditional big-car feel, with adult-size room and easy access, but the middle rider must straddle the bulky driveline hump." Motor Trend adds that "the Grand Marquis's fans love both its bench seats" and the "ease of entering and exiting" the cabin. For those who find themselves on the rear bench seat, ConsumerGuide says to expect a "spacious" passenger area where "the bench is wide enough for three adults," but the seats may prove to be "too soft for best long-distance comfort." For short drives, however, the 2008 Mercury Grand Marquis boasts one of the most comfortable rides around.

The 2008 Mercury Grand Marquis has old-fashioned virtue: a comfortable, spacious interior and plenty of trunk room.

Another redeeming feature on the 2008 Mercury Grand Marquis is its practical, spacious interior that offers generous storage space. Kelley Blue Book reviewers note that "the Grand Marquis' trunk is huge by most standards," but unfortunately "the lack of a rear-seat pass-through means cargo cannot exceed the compartment's 20.6 cubic-foot capacity." However, Edmunds finds that those 20.6 cubic feet are "capable of swallowing copious amounts of luggage or several sets of golf clubs." The trunk's usability is further improved by adding the "available drop-in trunk organizer" that ConsumerGuide says "helps with smaller cargo."

While the cargo space and comfort might be impressive on the 2008 Mercury Grand Marquis, materials quality is not. ConsumerGuide feels that the "numerous hard-plastic surfaces give the cabin a budget-grade feel," and "the available leather upholstery doesn't do much to improve the overall ambiance." Motor Trend agrees, but adds "the standard materials are meant to endure rather than cosset." Fortunately, build quality is good, and the 2008 Mercury Grand Marquis features "robust simplicity and cheap maintenance costs," according to Edmunds.

One of the added benefits of the solid construction on the 2008 Mercury Grand Marquis is that the vehicle does an admirable job of keeping ambient noise to a minimum. ConsumerGuide praises the "good isolation from road and mechanical noise," and adds, "wind-rush is well-muted too." Car and Driver testers also note that the Mercury Grand Marquis is "quiet at all speeds."

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