2008 Chevrolet Express Passenger Comfort & Quality

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The 2008 Chevrolet Express has more potential for commercial applications than as a family van.

Car and Driver reports that the 2008 Chevy Express is "useful for carrying lots of stuff or people...with passenger capacities ranging from 8 to 15, they're of little interest for private use except in conversion-van configurations."

The 2008 Chevrolet Express has plenty of room for anything you want to put in it, but it doesn’t provide luxury-car comfort. sees a fair amount of consensus on this issue: Kelley Blue Book contends that "available seating for 15 makes the [2008 Chevy] Express Van the ultimate commuter vehicle," while notes "seating layouts in the passenger van [that] provide space for eight, 12 or 15 occupants." Nonetheless, Edmunds insists "footwells remain as cramped as ever."

Being essentially a large box on wheels, the Express has no shortage of storage or hauling space. Car and Driver reports that their Chevrolet Express 2008 "had three rows of seats, which still left plenty of space for racing cargo, including two sets of spare wheels, a toolbox, a floor jack, jack stands, a cooler, chairs, and an air tank." ConsumerGuide says "maximum available cargo volume is a whopping 237.3 cubic feet on extended models."

Interior materials and construction are good, but not great, according to ConsumerGuide: the Chevrolet Express 2008's "dashboard features legible round gauges and simple, mostly handy controls, though the driver's power seat switches on the front of the cushion are tough to reach." Nonetheless, an "updated cabin with improved ergonomics gave the Chevy the edge compared to its Ford and Dodge competition," according to Edmunds.

The 2008 Chevrolet Express is not built for peace, quiet, and luxury. Still, noise levels aboard the 2008 Chevy Express are acceptable, according to ConsumerGuide: "mechanical ruckus is noticed because engines protrude into the front-seat area, but wind and road noise are acceptably low up to 65 mph."

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