2008 Mercury Sable Comfort & Quality

On Comfort & Quality

Most reviews examined by team of auto experts indicate that the 2008 Mercury Sable has a comfortable, well-assembled interior. reports that Sable’s seats "are comfortable but not overly supportive"; ConsumerGuide notes "seats are comfortably supportive, but lanky drivers may wish for more rearward and downward seat travel." According to The Auto Channel, "the split-folding rear seat is easily wide enough for three people."

The 2008 Mercury Sable is no limousine, but you'll be hard-pressed to find a more comfortable ride for this price.

"With a 21 cubic-foot trunk, folding rear seats and a flat-folding right front seat, you can put a nine-foot-long object inside," reports ConsumerGuide confirms that the "flat-floor trunk packs a lot of gear, helped by a boxy shape, large opening, and compact strut-type trunklid hinges." Edmunds notes the Sable has "plenty of storage areas and eight cupholders."

About the cabin, ConsumerGuide reports that it "makes good use of textured, soft-touch materials...they don't look luxurious but are price appropriate." Edmunds confirms the presence of "solid materials quality." remarks that the "new 3.5-liter engine is extremely quiet and smooth at idle, and uses a pendulum mounting system that effectively separates its motions and vibrations from the rest of the car;" Edmunds says that "those who equate silence with quality should be pleased with the 2008 Mercury Sable's low amounts of road and wind noise."

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