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Those who choose the 2008 Chevrolet Aveo will find a reasonable number of features--if they're willing to pay extra.

The Detroit News thinks the Chevrolet 2008 Aveo may be the last vehicle built with hand-cranked windows and manual locks and side mirrors. The base model starts at under $10,000, which doesn't buy a whole lot of new car these days. To get all the available options, reports, one will need to shell out nearly $17,000.

The base model is dirt cheap, but options can ring up the 2008 Chevrolet Aveo’s price into the high teens.

For about $2,600 over the base model price, one can have air conditioning, driver's seat lumbar adjustment, floor mats, and a stereo with iPod/MP3 compatibility. Another $1,500 will buy power windows, remote entry, cruise control, a CD player, and alloy wheels. About $3,000 later, the proud new owner has fog lamps, anti-lock brakes, a moonroof, faux leather seats, audio controls mounted on the steering wheel, and a six-CD changer. As points out, these are not typical of subcompact vehicles, and they may not be worth it to many prospective buyers.

All in all, the Chevrolet 2008 Aveo has a "bargain bin feel," according to Edmunds. Between the lack of safety features and the equipment that owners of other vehicles simply take for granted, it is as if the carmaker is begrudging the driver any sort of luxury or protection at all. notes that the Chevrolet 2008 Aveo sedan is offered in both LS and LT trim levels, while the Aveo5 hatchback comes in an especially stripped-down SVM (Special Value) base model and an LS. Manual windows and mirrors are standard on both Aveo body styles, and air conditioning is not offered on the blue-light SVM. However, both versions of the Chevrolet 2008 Aveo include an AM/FM CD sound system. The LS model includes A/C and can be upgraded with anti-lock brakes, 15-inch wheels, cruise control, and an AM/FM stereo with CD player and MP3 capability.

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