2007 Ford Explorer Comfort & Quality

On Comfort & Quality

Overall, the editors at are pleased with the comfort and quality of the 2007 Ford Explorer. Those looking at the more basic versions of the Explorer will likely be delighted, while those examining the high-end models might be left wanting a bit more.

Nearly all the reviewers that surveyed have good words regarding the Explorer’s seating comfort. Edmunds points out that "the four-door Explorer can seat up to seven people," though as in most vehicles, the third row is not suitable for adults. "Five adults will find the Ford Explorer's nicely designed cabin to be a comfortable environment," notes Forbes, "though the optional third-row seat is strictly for the kids." ConsumerGuide says that there is "plenty of room on comfortable seats."

A spacious interior and comfortable seating make the Explorer a decent choice for family duty.

Autoblog takes the 2007 Explorer on a short road trip and returns with the report that "the new Explorer comes ready to coddle its owner in an interior much more upscale than any previous version." Editors commend the front seats as “pew-like” and laud the 60/40-split folding rear bench, plus the fact that the driver's seat can be power-adjusted 10 ways. Adjustable pedals are another plus. Not to be forgotten, "trucker butt was never a problem, as the seats were firm and supportive but far from pew-like," the reviewers also note.

ConsumerGuide adds two worries, pointing out that entry/exit is "complicated by fairly high step-in" and outward visibility is “hindered some by thick roof pillars."

The 2007 Ford Explorer doesn’t completely elude its truck roots, so you still shouldn’t expect carlike ride quality. On the road, Kelley Blue Book reports that the 2007 Ford Explorer is "noticeably smoother and more stable out on the highway than past versions." However, ConsumerGuide notes that some reviewers think the Explorer offers "undue impact harshness and body oscillations over low-speed bumps."

"Compared to earlier models," says Edmunds, "it's quieter." ConsumerGuide goes further, declaring the Explorer "among the quieter SUVs." Wind and road noise are well muffled, and the engine is only audible under full throttle, they say.

Remarks are generally positive but not gushing regarding the quality of controls and surfaces in the Explorer. One oddity noted by the editors at Autoblog is the new and perplexing door handle design on the 2007 Ford Explorer. "Opening the doors requires the same grip as grabbing a metal pipe off the floor," they note.

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