2012 Jeep Liberty Comfort & Quality

On Comfort & Quality

At first impression, the 2012 Jeep Liberty feels relatively well laid-out—as well as airy, given the tall greenhouse. Unfortunately as you look closer, or even sit in the Liberty for any time, it's downhill from there.

Front seats feel skimpy and don't offer much support. In back, there's enough space, even for adults, although there's not quite enough width for three adults across.

The 2012 Jeep Liberty has a nice, space-efficient package; but it's let down by a harsh ride, inferior materials, and a lack of refinement.
Relative to other off-road-capable utility vehicles, the cargo floor is low, too, and the seats fold down neatly to a surprisingly vast space.

Those are all positives; but take a closer look and there's plenty that might turn you away. A harsh, jittery ride--with plenty of 'head toss' on rough roads--is probably the biggest turnoff, and choppy road surfaces seem to upset the composure of occupants just as much as they upset the Liberty's grip. You'll also notice more road and wind noise than in most modern carlike crossovers.

Jeep--as with the rest of Chrysler--is clearly going through a transition with its interior materials, and unfortunately those in the Liberty are a reminder of the past. Trims inside the Liberty, while they've been upgraded a bit, feel too drab and hard. You could argue that it fits the Liberty's part as a rugged off-roader, but the recently refreshed Wrangler interior shows that rugged doesn't have to feel downmarket.

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