2012 Buick Lacrosse Styling

On Styling

The LaCrosse was at the front of a new styling ethos for Buick, and it's since been followed by the mid-size Regal and new compact Verano. Essentially, that means no more cataract-friendly gauge fonts, padded vinyl roofs, and squishy bench seats, a new, more European-flavored direction for the brand.

On the outside, the look is smooth and graceful, with a soft shoulder line and enough chrome to gently punctuate. The design walks a careful line that's not likely deter the brand's older core buyers, but Buick is hoping the LaCrosse will attract a younger set as well. We'd like to say that the tacky 'portholes' have been thrown to the design dustbin, too, but they return in the upper hood area.

For the most part, the 2012 Buick LaCrosse looks elegant and graceful.

Inside, the design feels a little more traditional, but if you let any old GM biases fall away before stepping in, it's everything a Lexus shopper might expect and more, with a modern, curvy dash design. Most notable—and part of Buick's new look, really—is the two-tone look, with an upper dash tier that swoops around and over the dash in a continuous arc, flowing nearly into the door trim to form an interior beltline. Base CX models especially can feel just a little bit simple and plasticky, but on other models there's additional detailing and surfaces, and the ambient lighting sets a luxury-like ambiance for night outings.

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