2011 Lexus LS 460 Comfort & Quality

On Comfort & Quality
Large, comfortable front seats, supple and roomy backseats, and a large trunk make the 2011 Lexus LS a very compelling package for those who want to carry around important adults in the backseat—or those who want long-haul comfort for more than just kids back there.

While the front seats are not as supportive as they could be in the corners (Sport versions have somewhat more bolstering), they're soft and good for highway cruising. In back, there's adequate room even for tall and lanky adults in short-wheelbase cars; the L editions afford limousine-like space in the backseat area, thanks to five inches of added length versus the standard LS 460.

If seating space doesn't impress, consider the ottoman-style seating option with built-in massage features. And with one of several rear seating options, at least one of the backseat positions is power-adjustable and has massage functions. On top of it all, trims remain impressive even when matched up with those in top Mercedes and BMW flagships, and the top-notch aniline leather is supple and delicate compared to what you get in other Lexus models.

Those seeking the ultimate in quietness, comfort, and build quality would do well to check out the Lexus LS.

Trunk space and interior storage are fairly large, and hybrids have 2 cubic feet more space thanks to a recent repackaging of their batteries. As for quality, few vehicles at any price point are assembled with the Lexus LS' tight panel gaps, though other luxury four-doors offer far richer-looking materials. Some of the LS switchgear mimics that used in much cheaper Lexus models, but the same can be true of vehicles from Mercedes, BMW, Jaguar, and Audi, too.

The cabin of the LS models, no matter which one you get, is tight and hushed from wind and road noise more than nearly any other model. You only slightly hear the engine when accelerating.

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