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On Quality
On Quality
The 2011 Volvo C70’s interior build and material quality is good, and it’s a comfortable traveling car, though it has its share of Swedish design quirks.
8.0 out of 10
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QUALITY | 8 out of 10

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Four-season luxury remains the name of the game for C70 with a power retractable hardtop that disappears into the trunk with the touch of a button.
Road & Track

A redesigned interior ... features an all-new instrument panel, improved textures for the molded surfaces, a premium grade of leather, and unique gauges.

The C70's cabin is anchored by Volvo's signature "floating" center stack, a slim panel that spans the gap between the dashboard and the center console.

The 2011 Volvo C70's fit and finish are impressive. For 2011, full leather upholstery is standard, adding luxury to comfortable, supportive front seats that hold occupants firmly in place without squeezing or poking. Overall, the interior materials both look and feel good.

It's a different story in the rear, where the cramped seats are compromised by the space required to house the folding-top mechanism. Full-sized adults won't tolerate sitting back there on anything more than a short trip, mostly due to the minimal leg room. And getting back there with the roof erected is its own challenge, requiring contortionist moves.

In truth, the C70 is a very comfortable touring car for two that also happens to have occasional seats in the rear. The rear seat is more likely to be used for goods or gear than for human occupancy. A pass-through between the two rear seating positions allows skis to be carried inside the car, another little Scandinavian touch found on few of the C70's competitors.

When the top is up, the trunk offers a substantial 12.8 cubic feet of storage room. Fold the top down, however, and that falls by more than half. You can still stow two bags of golf clubs--just--but getting oddly shaped items into the hutch that protects luggage from the folded roof that sits on top may require you to put the roof up, stow your gear, and then put the roof down again. The top mechanism works beautifully, requiring only a foot on the brake and the touch of a button, but when folded, the storage space that remains just isn't competitive with others in the class.

The rest of the interior storage isn't lavish, either, with small front door pockets and a dearth of the bins, cubbies, cupholders, and mobile-phone positions that the best modern interiors now offer. There's a bin behind the "floating" center stack panel, but while it offers a decent amount of room, it's remarkably awkward to get to.

While Volvo's trademark climate controls are almost idiot-proof, other functions don't deserve the plaudits. Volvo has had a hard time with modern electronics, with navigation systems that don't come close to the best in the business. A mixture of regional accents in the navigation system voices was just strange, while figuring out how to input addresses and use other navigation functions was far from intuitive. And the same applies to stereo and Bluetooth controls.

On the move, however, these quibbles fade away. With the top up, the C70 is a quiet, cozy coupe; folding down the top turns it into a wide-open tourer that admits all the sunshine any convertible lover could want. There's very little wind buffeting with the top down, and while tire noise is always present, it's not oppressive.


The 2011 Volvo C70’s interior build and material quality is good, and it’s a comfortable traveling car, though it has its share of Swedish design quirks.

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