2011 Volvo S80 Comfort & Quality

On Comfort & Quality
Outside of safety and longevity, Volvos are probably best known for having excellent seats. And for that, the 2011 S80 is no exception. You can't do much better than the perches in the S80; they're better than those in some sport sedans costing much more, and perfect for those of a wide range of sizes, thanks to all their adjustability; and they have enough underlying firmness for long-distance comfort. The front seats also have optional heating and cooling with fan-driven ventilation. The nicely contoured backseat is large enough for three petite folks or two American-sized adults (with enough headroom and legroom), and the climate-control system has vents built into the B-pillars for better comfort in back.

The trunk is one of the smallest in this class, at just under 15 cubic feet, but it can be expanded by flipping forward the 60/40-split seatbacks.

Throughout the line, ride comfort is great; it's not as stiff and highly controlled as a sport sedan, but it's never bouncy or wallowy either.

Not everyone will love the interior of the 2010 Volvo S80 because of some of the finer design points, but its comfort, spaciousness, and refinement are undeniable.

While materials go outside convention a little bit, along with the design, there's a lot to get comfortable with inside. Soft leather upholstery and trims are satisfying and luxurious, and there's little if any hard plastic up at eye level.

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