2011 Subaru Impreza Styling

On Styling
The Impreza remains offered either as a four-door sedan or a five-door hatchback. Wagon models can also be had in a ruggedly styled Outback Sport guise.

The high-performance, rally-influenced WRX and STI models get a new wide-body look for 2011, with flared fenders and more aggressive air dams, but the standard Impreza and Outback Sport models don't follow suit. While the Impreza sedan isn't a bad-looking vehicle, it does feel more conservative and a bit dowdy from the back. The hatch, on the other hand, is more cohesive and sporty, and the pick of our editors.

The Impreza hasn't changed significantly since its introduction a couple of years ago, though last year the Impreza got a new grille design that, from a distance, reminded us of the Honda Civic's.

There's not much remarkable about the Impreza's styling, though the hatchback's exterior is less anonymous.

Inside, the Impreza feels better styled, if not entirely upscale. Its instrument panel design wraps around to the doors and is punctuated by a center pos that contains audio and climate controls and vents, while the driver gets a sport-sedan-like hooded gauge cluster. Materials are mostly a mix of grained and matte-metallic-surfaced plastics.

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