2011 Infiniti FX35 Comfort & Quality

On Comfort & Quality
The interior of the 2011 Infiniti FX35 and FX50 is in many ways comparable to that of a sports car or sport sedan. While it gives front occupants plenty of comfort and enveloping support, it neglects backseat passengers to a degree, and cargo space suffers because of the curvy design.

In front, the seats are about perfect—nicely padded and somewhat bolstered for curvy roads, also heated and cooled in most models; most will find them great for a long day of driving. Backseats also are tough to get into with the arch of the roofline in the way, but once you're in, there's just enough space for two adults—though surprisingly little legroom. And for those who plan to carry much cargo behind the backseats—or even the front ones—the FX still isn't a great choice. The load floor is high, and the rake of the hatch and back window is somewhat limiting.

The FX35 has a ride that's firm without being at all jarring, though FX50 models tend to ride firmer, to the point that Rust Belt drivers might find it uncomfortable over frost heaves and the like. And unlike Infiniti's G and M sport sedans, the FX's interior doesn't become much noisier on coarse road surfaces. Materials are like those used in luxury sedans, not SUVs, and there are plenty of delicate details, like the soft leather, with criss-cross stitching, for the sport seats.

In the name of performance and styling, some utility gets sacrificed. But the great front seats and opulent cabin might help you forget about it.

Interior materials, fits, and finishes are astoundingly good, and the woods, leathers, and other trim materials look just as good up close as they do from a distance.

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