2011 Hyundai Accent Comfort & Quality

On Comfort & Quality
While the 2011 Hyundai Accent looks a bit dated and isn't at all an exciting performer, its packaging still holds up very well; compared to most other vehicles in its class, there's great passenger and cargo space.

The Accent packs more interior room into its stubby 159.3-inch overall length than some larger models, like the Ford Focus Coupe, and there's actually enough legroom and headroom for the typical adult male in the backseat of the sedan, and getting in and out of the hatch's backseat is a little easier than in other two-doors. Front seats are a little skimpy, though, with short cushions and limited support.

However, those with body types a bit outside the norm should be aware that the steering wheel doesn't adjust for tilt in base Accent GL models and it doesn't telescope in any of the trims.

For customers who want practicality and comfort, in a new car, on a very tight budget, the 2011 Hyundai Accent delivers.

The Hyundai Accent's interior looks good and feels durable, especially from the driver's seat, though there's evidence of cost-cutting with respect to cubbies, trim, and the cargo area. Trim fit and attention to detail aren't up to the standards of Hyundai's latest industry-leading designs either, but the controls and displays are simple and straightforward.

Ride quality and interior noise are relatively good with a light load, but editors have noted that the Accent's ride becomes noticeably louder and pitchier with several adults on board, while engine noise amplifies at higher speeds.

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