2011 Smart fortwo Performance

On Performance
All 2011 Smart ForTwo models are propelled by a 70-horsepower, 1.0-liter three-cylinder engine supplied by Mitsubishi, driving through a five-speed automated manual transmission.

Below 40 miles per hour, the peppy engine, low gearing, and quick steering make the 1,800-pound 2011 Smart easy to toss around town. While the transmission doesn't shift particularly smoothly, the ForTwo is a fun car to drive on tight city streets—never more so than when it's time to find a parking space. But the same features that make it so much fun in the city—the short wheelbase, negligible length, and quick steering—work against it on the highway. The quick steering and short wheelbase combine to create a twitchy, choppy, busy ride that's especially susceptible to crosswinds, bumps, and truck ruts.

Its 0-to-60-mph time of about 13 seconds puts the 2011 Smart ForTwo on a par with economy cars of two decades ago. Sandwiched between semis at 70 mph, the Smart ForTwo requires a brave heart and confidence in its crash-test results. Small size and fuel efficiency have to be very high on a driver's list for the 2010 Smart ForTwo to be worth the sacrifices in mixed use.

While the 2011 Smart Fortwo feels peppy in low-speed urban environs, it's slow, bouncy, and skittish at highway speeds.

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