2011 Toyota Prius Comfort & Quality

On Comfort & Quality
The 2011 Toyota Prius has a sleek roofline, but that doesn't mean that it's cramped inside; there's real space for four adults, or five if you're willing to stagger shoulders in back. Backseaters get the knee room left behind by slimmer front seatbacks and better headroom from the rejiggered roofline, but in front things could be better—the new center console gets in the way of front knee room, and front seats are still skimpy on padding, though the driver's seat is now height-adjustable.

Otherwise, the Prius has an extremely space-efficient, versatile layout. The cargo area expands easily, and the batteries are hidden away underneath so well you might not even think about it. There are plenty of storage cubbies around the Prius' interior as well, providing plenty of space to stow small electronics or personal items out of sight.

The Prius' plastics are pretty good in look and feel—except for the ones around the center stack and instrument panel—and they're carbon-neutral.

The 2011 Toyota Prius hits all the marks for comfort, space, and versatility in a way that you might not expect for a 50-mpg wonder.

While the 2011 Prius is relatively quiet inside, there's one issue noted by several of our editors: the gasoline engine can be felt, and possibly heard, more than in previous versions of the Prius. Whether we're simply noticing that because the Prius has improved insulation from wind and road noise, we're not sure.

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