2011 Mercedes-Benz R Class Comfort & Quality

Comfort & Quality

For those who
need to accommodate adults in comfort, the 2011 Mercedes-Benz R-Class interior
is downright smart. Those very long back doors allow easy access to the third
row of this six- or seven-seater, and the standard arrangement in three rows of
two bucket seats (with a middle seat available for the second row) makes sure
everyone’s taken care of. The second row slides fore and aft a few inches so
that you can properly divvy out legroom between passengers, and the seatback in
both rows adjusts for rake. The third row is a little smaller, a little flatter,
but it’s no punishment as there’s still enough headroom (even, barely, for this
6’-6” beanpole). Getting in is a good deal easier than in some minivans, as the
second-row seats flip up and forward and the rear door openings are huge.


We're not surprised that a number of livery companies have ordered R-Class models. The 2011 Mercedes-Benz R-Class has seating that adults are bound to find comfortable, no matter which row they're in, though cargo versatility suffers slightly for it.

Unfortunately, those
huge rear doors will still be a handicap for those who live in tighter city
spaces. They’re probably about 50 percent longer than the doors of most large
sedans, and you won’t be able to open them up all the way in most
parallel-parking spots. With a rather stiff action, they also require a little
too much muscle for smaller kids.


and back and behind that, the R-Class has great seats. While those seats—the
second-row ones especially—are great for passengers, the R-Class's setup isn't
quite as good as a minivan’s for cargo. The second and third rows fold to
create a mostly flat space for large items, but they don’t fold low into the
floor as in most of today’s vans. Also, folding the seats is a daunting, multistep
operation that in no way, as in many competitors, can be done with one arm
still holding onto a kid or a stroller. Second-row headrests need to be
manually removed, and the driver’s seat has to be pushed forward a bit first in
order for it all to work smoothly.

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