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2011 Ford Mustang - Styling Review

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On Styling
On Styling
In keeping so rigidly to the same formula with this pony car’s design for decades, Ford could have penned itself into a corner, yet the 2011 Ford Mustang still manages to look fresh.
8.0 out of 10
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STYLING | 8 out of 10

Expert Quotes:

Every line has purpose and every detail seems to fit.
The Detroit News

It's going to take a well trained eye to spot any visual differences between the 2010 and 2011 models, but there are differences.

…the few subtle changes for 2011 (a brighter pony emblem on the GT, for example) are trivial and difficult to spot.
Automobile Magazine

…the 2011 model gets by on its looks and on its personality.
Popular Mechanics

The Mustang is one of the few vehicles that bear instant identification, whether looking at its unmistakable silhouette or its up-close pony-car details—some of which hark back to the 1960s. In the way of vehicles like the Volkswagen Beetle and Mazda Miata, the Mustang is iconic.  

Fortunately, Ford hasn’t messed with a good thing—and it hasn’t needed to. Last year Ford introduced a set of major improvements on the Mustang and extensively redesigned its exterior, lending it a more aggressive look, while at the same time making the exterior proportions a little tidier and leaner. It’s kept the classic coupe stance but given the Mustang crisper, more retro details in front and in back. Sheetmetal just last year was redone to yield a more voluptuous, aggressive appearance overall. Those details are carried over to 2011.

Inside, the Mustang retains its retro style, with deep-dish, classic-look gauges and a squared-off instrument panel and prominent center console with bright finishes and a metal shift knob. There’s no curviness here; it’s intentionally a little bit stark, yet nice two-tone themes and a retro-mod steering wheel have kept up the look.


In keeping so rigidly to the same formula with this pony car’s design for decades, Ford could have penned itself into a corner, yet the 2011 Ford Mustang still manages to look fresh.

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TCC Rating
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