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Short of supercars, few other vehicles draw the attention of the 2010 Smart ForTwo. reviewers attest that the 2010 Smart "generates more interest among observers than some that cost 10 times as much." All Smart ForTwos feature a "silver or black strip that loops around the ForTwo's side," says Edmunds, which it notes is visual evidence of "the Tridion safety cell." The ForTwo looks wide for its length of less than 9 feet, and taller than some subcompacts. It's only from the side that you notice just how short it is-it's the stubbiest car sold in the United States. Automobile observes, "this street-legal Tonka toy is again very tall, very narrow, and very short."

The Smart ForTwo comes "in two body styles," according to Edmunds: "a hatchback Coupe" that "is offered in Pure and Passion trim levels" and a "convertible Cabrio" that "only comes in Passion." Kelley Blue Book states "the body panels are made of dent-resistant plastic," while contends that the design "fuses wraparound panels and extended fenders in an extroverted, ultra-chic package." Edmunds points out that the exterior of "the base Pure comes with 15-inch steel wheels," while the Passion trim adds "alloy wheels" and "a panorama glass roof" to provide some visual distinction.

The 2010 Smart ForTwo is in its element on crowded city streets, but at speed or almost anywhere else, it can feel uncomfortably toylike.

The BRABUS edition-available in both coupe and cabriolet guises-adds 15-inch front and 17-inch rear alloy wheels, a reduced front skirt, a rear skirt that accommodates dual chrome-tipped exhaust pipes, and the addition of side skirts.

Kelley Blue Book calls the overall interior styling "unique, but not as quirky as the car's exterior design might lead you to expect." reports "the cabin has a cartoonish look, with dimpled upholstery on the dashboard and kitschy plastic air conditioning controls" and a dashboard that "curves away as it descends." ConsumerGuide praises the Smart ForTwo's "simple and well laid out" controls, along with "easy to see" gauges and the "unobstructed" speedometer. The Kelley Blue Book reviewers also say the "relatively compact instrument panel and open space where you'd expect a center console all contribute to an interior that feels less confined than that of the significantly longer and wider MINI Cooper." For those seeking a more customized interior styling touch, Edmunds notes several "monochromatic and two-tone interior options [are] available to liven things up."

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