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It’s not enough to flex your muscles. Though it will share its underpinnings with Ford’s new Flex crossover vehicle, the “people mover” the Lincolndivision is rolling out at this year’s Detroit Auto Show will have a decidedly different appearance from its down-market sibling.


With its curvaceous exterior and lavish, “Lear Jet” cabin, the 2009 MKT concept gives more than a subtle hint of what’s to come from Ford as it moves to rebuild its struggling Lincoln luxury brand.


The marque hopes to stand out at the crowded show, not only with a striking design but with a surprisingly eco-friendly package –powered by a 415-horsepower V-6 – that shows performance, fuel economy and recyclability are not mutually exclusive.


Think of the MKT as “the Lear Jet of the road,” suggests Ford’s North American design director, Peter Horbury. Like other recent Lincoln designs, such as the MKS sedan and MKR concept, the prototype utility vehicle borrows classic design cues without crossing into the world of retro.


“It’s not retro in any way,” insists Horbury. “We’ve just used the past to help us move into the future.”


2009 Lincoln MKT

2009 Lincoln MKT

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The face of the MKT is its split-wing grille, first seen on the MKS, but here framed by a set of LED headlamps. The most distinctive element from a plan, or side, view, is the beveled edge, essentially the shoulder of the people mover, which harkens back to Lincolns of the 1950s.
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