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For a small brand, Lamborghini seems to make a lot of news. That’s at least partly due to its strategy of rolling out at least one ultra-high-performance variant every year. The latest offering is the Reventon, which CEO Stefan Winkelmann declared “an even more extreme and beautiful” spinoff of Lambo’s top-line Murcielago.

Modeled after the edgy F-22 Raptor advanced fighter jet, and named after a legendary fighting bull that in 1943 killed Mexico’s leading matador, Felix Guzmanthe, the Reventon features a 650-horsepower version of Lambo’s screaming 6.5-liter V-12. That power is driven through all four wheels, like a conventional Murcielago.


“The most expensive and exclusive (model) to ever leave our gates,” Winkelmann notes that only 20 Reventons will be built – and all of them have already been sold, at a price tag of one million Euros plus, if you need to ask, tax excluded.


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