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CARLSBAD, California — Over the years, the Celica has been sized and shaped to fit a whole variety of needs and markets. It started as not much more than a sporty Corolla-based styling exercise, but grew with turbocharged six-cylinder engines to become the Celica Supra that spawned an entirely new series, while also continuing as an affordable front-drive sport coupe. Now it's back with a youthful package — not only in its styling but in its intended market.

The seventh-generation Celica is completely new, more powerful, and a much more affordable vehicle than before. It is packaged in an extremely attractive wrapper that hints at its sophisticated powertrain, a taut but not overly firm independent suspension, and confidence-inspiring brakes.

The new three-door hatchback Celica is available in GT and, slightly sportier, GT-S models. There's no convertible at present, but that version has always followed.

Overall, the Celica is a most satisfying visual treat, a real gourmet meal for the eyes. One of the parking valets at the hotel used as the base camp for the preview commented that from the front, the car reminded him of a Ferrari. This guy parks cars at a five-star hotel and he has seen his fair share of Ferraris. This remark produced smiles all around from the proud Toyota personnel.

2000 toyota celica interior

2000 toyota celica interior

The Celica’s interior is as racy as the outside, with a useful stow bin at top center on the console.

The Celica is a most compelling design, especially so when the car is painted silver or red. Front and rear overhangs are kept to a minimum, endowing the car with a very purposeful stance. Celica was styled at CALTY Design Research Inc., Toyota's U.S. styling studio in Newport Beach, California. Compared with past models, Celica is shorter in length but longer in wheelbase, with greatly reduced front and rear overhangs. The nose of the car is highlighted by center-of-the-hood features reminiscent of a Formula One car. Headlamp lenses, which have an appearance that mimics an F1's front wings, further highlight this design feature. Thanks to a stout, low-mounted front cross-member that allows the radiator to be slanted, the hood slopes sharply from the cowl to the front bumper.

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