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The $1.35 Million Maybach

The $1.35 Million Maybach

The beyond-glamorous Landaulet concept shown by Mercedes' Maybach brand earlier this year will be built. But you better have bank to line up for delivery -- the new convertible sedan will cost north of $1.35 million, according to this morning's Automotive News. The Landaulet will be a 2009 model... read more

April 7, 2008 by  - 8

VW Recalls Six Years of Passats

Passat owners, take notice: VW is recalling the mid-size model for potential problems with 1999-2005 versions. The recall of gasoline-powered Passats is voluntary, the German... read more April 4, 2008 by  2


Chevy Shows Off Cobalt SS Sedan

The 2009 Chevrolet Cobalt SS sedan peeked out from under its veil of secrecy today, as GM let slip with a single shot of the new hotted-up four-door. No details were... read more April 4, 2008 by  7


2010 GMC Terrain Spied!

By the looks this latest prototype, it appears that a third variation of GM's revamped Theta platform has now begun testing. Using the process of elimination, this is most... read more April 4, 2008 by  2


2010 Aston V12 Vantage RS Spotted In the Wild

This is the real thing: the new Aston Martin V12 Vantage RS. Last week Aston confirmed that the stunning concept will go into production in the first quarter of 2009, and... read more April 4, 2008 by  6

Felix Baumgartner

Seinfeld Okay After Flipping Fiat

Comedian Jerry Seinfeld is reportedly recovering from minor injuries after a rollover accident on Thursday. Seinfeld was out alone in his 1967 Fiat BTM when the brakes... read more April 4, 2008 by  3


Tundra Staying in Indiana

Despite rumor to the contrary, Toyota says, the Tundra pickup will still be built in Indiana and in Texas. The Wall Street Journal reported online that the Japanese automaker... read more April 3, 2008 by  1


Shopping Tip: Used-Car Warning Words

I’m college-bound and car-less -- not exactly a grand combination, if you ask me. But I do have to give myself credit: I’ve been searching through ads on the... read more April 3, 2008 by  6


Jetta Sportwagen Expanding VW's Footprint

Volkswagen hopes to rekindle a little small-wagon love with the launch of the new Sportwagen, which pops onto shoppers' radar in July of this year. At the press introduction... read more April 3, 2008 by  2


Good Samaritan of the Day:

Today's good Samaritan award goes out to physical therapist Rick Shutes, who's launched a helpful Web site for the disabled at Shutes and his wife... read more April 3, 2008 by  0


VW Hoping for a Little Diesel Mania

It's the moment that old-school greenies and hardcore cheapskates alike have been waiting for: the second coming of the Volkswagen diesel engine. And it's coming at the end... read more April 3, 2008 by  20


NHTSA Warns on Smart Crash Tests

Smart's fortwo city car is on sale -- and playing hard to get, if our informal poll of dealers is holding true nationwide. But the government's car safety agency is sounding... read more April 3, 2008 by  16


2009 BMW 7-Series Spied!

The wraps are coming off BMW’s next-generation 7-Series -- and we managed to get some revealing pictures of it near BMW’s Munich headquarters earlier today. This... read more April 3, 2008 by  9


Are You N-Sync?

I've given it two tries now -- and though I can get Bluetooth to join forces with my iPhone, and successfully navigated my way to the churrascaria for dinner, I can't get... read more April 3, 2008 by  13


Das Auto: VW Reminds People It's "The Car"

It's Volkswagen's new ad campaign, and it's as simple as "the car." The German automaker launches a new advertising campaign this month under the tag, "Das Auto" --... read more April 3, 2008 by  7


Trapster: Speed Traps Go Cellular

Drivers have long communicated the presence of police and radar traps with not so subtle signals: the flash of high-beam lights. Now, a new Web site says it's figured out how... read more April 3, 2008 by  1


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