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TCC’s Ian Norris Dies

TCC’s Ian Norris Dies

TheCarConnection is saddened to note the passing of our European colleague and friend, Ian Norris. Norris had traveled to Geneva to cover the motor show from his home in Le Mans and took ill last night. The news of Ian’s death swept quickly through the Geneva show and among his colleages... read more

February 28, 2006 by  - 3

Celebrity Car Deathwatch: Enzo Strikes Out

We really weren’t expecting to break out the CCD so soon after Shannen Doherty christened it—but we may already have to push her aside for fresher, younger... read more February 22, 2006 by  2


An Inch of Snow, 100 Accidents

So we Southerners have a bad reputation for driving in snow. Mostly it’s deserved. Take the residents of the Chesapeake region of Virginia as the latest example in a... read more February 20, 2006 by  1


Old Spice Gets Sweaty Tony Stewart’s Leftovers

Let’s get physical…physical…Why can’t we get Olivia Newton-John out of our heads? Maybe it’s the video for that song, and the chunky guy... read more February 20, 2006 by  0


You Too Can Beat the Embargo!

Everybody’s waiting for February 28, when the wraps will come off the new models and concept cars at the Geneva Auto Show. One of them is the Altica, a cool-looking... read more February 19, 2006 by  0


The Week in Reverse

Thank you Volkswagen, for making our life easy by naming concepts for letters. It's like the Electric Company meets Wolfsburg: we've had Concept R, Concept C, and now Concept... read more February 19, 2006 by  1


The Truth About Anger

TheCarConnection’s been attracting attention from all sorts of places and people, but the attention we’ve received from one must-be fan is turning sour—so... read more February 15, 2006 by  29


Celebrity Car Deathwatch: Shannen Doherty, You’re First!

Lifting a phrase from a wacked-out-on-anger colleague of ours, TCConfidential’s new Celebrity Car Deathwatch has but one aim: to rebroadcast the lurid details of... read more February 14, 2006 by  0


The Week in Reverse

Tough-timer Lincoln says it’s changing most of its cars over to letter names instead of real word names. The Zephyr’s becoming the MKZ—pronounced... read more February 12, 2006 by  1


Hybrid’s Lewis and Clark Go Lewis and Martin

It’s time to stop mentioning Toyota and Honda together as if they were the Lewis and Clark of hybrid vehicles. These days, they’re more like Jerry Lewis and Dean... read more February 10, 2006 by  1


Run The Rock — or Just Bask On It?

It’s not easy being green. At least not normally, for Muppet legend Kermit the Frog. But the star of Ford’s new Escape Hybrid commercials was singing — er... read more February 10, 2006 by  0


Toyota’s Press Sounds Like A Leader

Optimism seems to have left Detroit — and what’s missing from all the gloomy press conferences at GM and Ford can be readily found in any speech by Toyota’s... read more February 10, 2006 by  0


Never Mind the Gene Pool - Britney's Out of the Car Pool

Pop has-been Britney Spears may be well off the charts — and may be well off the supermom track too, if recent photos are to be believed and excuses not accepted... read more February 8, 2006 by  0


L.A. to Stop High-Speed Chases

High-speed chases will be a thing of the past in Los Angeles, where the technique hasn’t done much to slow down criminals, Mr. Simpson excepted. The city’s police... read more February 8, 2006 by  0


Escape Hybrid's Amphibious Assault

Escalades have rap stars to shill them, and pickup trucks have country-music stars. But it’s easy being green in a Ford Escape Hybrid — or so Ford wants shoppers... read more January 31, 2006 by  0


Tiger’s Got a Brand New Bag

While Tiger Woods strokes away at another Buick Invitational title, he’ll be having his clubs carried around the grounds at La Jolla in a new bag designed by Woods and... read more January 30, 2006 by  0


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