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The Week in Reverse

The Week in Reverse

Porsche's planning a fifth model line based on the upcoming Panamera. Our spy shots clearly show the project far enough along that Porsche is trying to mate it out to Honda's Asimo robot. Jaguar may be on the block as Ford tries to figure out why it can't make money from eight-year-old Focuses and... read more

August 5, 2006 by  -

New C-Class Pics!

These new Mercedes C-Class pics were in our email box this morning, though the car itself isn't due until next year's Geneva motor show. As we've written about it before, the... read more July 31, 2006 by  11


Ford Gets Flaky with Fusion

Snap, crackle, CRUNCH! If your breakfast cereal makes the last noise accompanied by the sound of teeth cracking, you can thank Ford Motor Company for hours of interesting... read more July 30, 2006 by  1


Nissan Yanks Off Smutty Ad, Refuses to Let Us Watch

It’s all the rage in New Zealand — outrage that is. A recent TV ad for the new Nissan Tiida, featuring sex-positive actress Kim Cattrall, in the island nation has... read more July 23, 2006 by  1


Dylan Does Cars!

Here’s one for the hippies, who are potentially the only folks left on the earth that can still translate Dylanese to English. The folk-rock icon is paying his own... read more July 23, 2006 by 


The Week in Reverse

Despite all the flesh-eating, zombies are actually known for their impeccable dental hygiene. First, Zeppelin gets canned as Cadillac's theme music of choice (please tell us... read more July 23, 2006 by 


Dylan Does Cars!

Here’s one for the hippies, who are potentially the only folks left on the earth that can still translate Dylanese to English. The folk-rock icon is paying his own... read more July 19, 2006 by 


What’s in a Name?

At a time when new automobile names are being spawned like weeds, Detroit observers have to wonder what’s in a name. Witness Ford’s abandonment of the... read more July 16, 2006 by 


Danica: Fast At “The Right Time of the Month?”

With Danica Patrick openly exploring a move to NASCAR, fellow IRL driver Ed Carpenter thinks success lies ahead for the young female star — depending on her lunarity... read more July 14, 2006 by  1


Jokes at MG’s Expense!

The announcement by Nanjing Automotive Group that it will build MG-branded cars in Oklahoma, as well as in China and the infamous Rover assembly plant in Longbridge, U.K... read more July 13, 2006 by  1


The Week in Reverse

We ask Rolls-Royce, how much more black could it be? And the answer was, of course, "None. None more black." Money has its privileges: if you're a Foo Fighter/Nirvanan, you... read more July 7, 2006 by 

pontiac g8 motorauthority 003

Kerkorian Wants GM/Renault/Nissan

Kirk Kerkorian knows how to stir a pot. In a letter to GM CEO Rick Wagoner, Kerkorian suggests that GM needs to explore a partnership with Renault-Nissan, which he apparently... read more June 30, 2006 by  2


What’s On Your Fender?

Badges, brightwork and vents are automotive “jewelry.” Designers use them to break up large surface areas, to telegraph the brand or make of a vehicle to owners and... read more June 23, 2006 by 


The Week in Reverse

"So I moved everybody from Hellay to freakin' Nashville. You got a problem with that?" Ladies and gentlemen, Joe Pesci! Piece by piece, they're turning our Honda Element into... read more June 17, 2006 by 


Army Restoring Vehicles for Iraqi Army

Reprinted with permission from Army News Service By Spc. Lee Elder MUQDADIYAH, Iraq - What began as a way to alleviate mechanics' boredom between jobs has turned into a... read more June 14, 2006 by  5


So This Explains A German Pope?

The return of the 5.0-liter V-10 diesel Touareg to the VW lineup has been a longer journey than company executives expected. The company has imported more than 600 of these... read more June 12, 2006 by  1


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