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What Cuts Will GM Announce Tomorrow?

What Cuts Will GM Announce Tomorrow?

The news is apparently going to be big - big enough that General Motors not only put out a series of media advisories, but made sure to call just everyone up and down the journalist food chain to ensure they know about CEO Rick Wagoner’s big announcement Tuesday morning. What’s in store? The... read more

July 14, 2008 by  - 0
2008 HUMMER H2

GM Has a HUMMER Problem

This morning's shareholders' meeting with General Motors held a few surprises, with GM CEO Rick Wagoner announcing a new Chevrolet compact car to be produced in the U.S., and... read more June 3, 2008 by  8


HUMMER Greens Up With E85

You can color HUMMER's H2 a little greener for the 2009 model year. General Motors says the large SUVs will be offered with a flex-fuel, E85-capable engine for the new year... read more March 30, 2008 by  4


Pic Tease: 2009 HUMMER H3T Alpha

Back in January, we showed you all the photos of the 2009 HUMMER H3T we could score from GM's massive public-relations mothership. We also previewed HUMMER's baby truck in... read more March 27, 2008 by  1


IIHS Crashes Cars, Video Servers, While Murano Looks Good

Car crashes make for good viewing fun--how else to explain TruTV's nightly lineup? But they also make good fodder for car shoppers--and today's results from the latest crash... read more February 26, 2008 by  0


More Hot Server Action: Your Ten Most Popular Vehicles

With last month’s Detroit auto show and its hordes of concept cars, production cars, and high-resolution photography, it’s understandable why all the top vehicle searches... read more February 1, 2008 by  0


HUMMER Web Site Nabs New H3T Truck

It's embargo time again for Chicago's auto show - and the new HUMMER H3T is the latest victim to fall.'s Web site says this photo was taken in anticipation of a... read more January 25, 2008 by  1


What Do HUMMER and Saab Have in Common?

GM Chairman, Rick Wagoner, made it very clear that in GM's opinion, ethanol is the bridge fuel that crosses the imposing canyon separating today's petroleum needs with... read more January 14, 2008 by  0

2008 HUMMER HX Concept - Jabonski

2008 HUMMER HX Concept

General Motors is known to have had its eye on the niche occupied by the Jeep Wrangler. And at the Detroit auto show next week, it will reveal more of its intentions to field... read more January 8, 2008 by  2


2010 HUMMER H2 SUT Spied!

Judging by this prototype caught under test, it looks like the HUMMER H2 SUT is on the verge of a growth spurt. This H2 SUT tester — parading around in what appears to be... read more December 12, 2007 by  0

2008 HUMMER H3 Alpha

Power: Younger Buyers Avoiding Domestics

A new study from J.D. Power & Associates offers some new insight into the steep cost American carmakers are paying for what is seen a sluggish response to rising fuel... read more December 2, 2007 by  0


HUMMER Wedding Unites Couple, Marketing

The trend of underwritten weddings—think Star Jones’ shameless sponsor-shopping—is taking on a distinct odor of gasoline this weekend, when a Nevada couple... read more June 18, 2007 by  10


2009 HUMMER H3T Spied! - The Car Connection

Codenamed GMT745, the long-anticipated HUMMER H3T was spotted over the weekend, sporting a crew-cab configuration. Our spies are talking about an August 2008 model launch. We... read more April 24, 2007 by  1


Prius Versus HUMMER: Exploding the Myth

Over the past year, there has been an explosion of stories raising questions about the real environmental cost of hybrids. One of the most misleading ones, which has been... read more April 16, 2007 by  12


Caddy Donates Big Eight to H2

Cadillac’s awfully generous these days. It’s slapped its name on a Saab 9-3, it’s lending its marvy multivalve V-6 to Buick and Saturn, and now it’s... read more March 27, 2007 by  0


Eight Cylinders, and the H3 Makes More Sense

Pardon us for not getting too excited about the HUMMER H3. We tried five-cylinders back in the Audi days and in terms of power and sex appeal, “flat” became a... read more March 27, 2007 by  0


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