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The Car Connection Adds Disqus Commenting

The Car Connection Adds Disqus Commenting

If you're logging in today to chime in with The Car Connection's other readers--to comment on our stories--you'll find a new interface that's replaced our outgoing commenting system: Disqus. Disqus is one of the most widely used commenting tools on the Web, and we're pleased to be able to plug you... read more

September 6, 2013 by  -
Welcome To The Car Connection

The Car Connection, New And Improved

We're proud to announce the latest version of The Car Connection, our flagship review site here at High Gear Media. Our longtime followers will see big changes to the front... read more September 27, 2011 by 

The Car Connection

First Look: The Car Connection's New Look

Change is coming to The Car Connection, and these screen shots are your first look at the latest version of our flagship review site here at High Gear Media. We've been... read more September 23, 2011 by  1

TheCarConnection on Flipboard for iPad

Have an Apple iPad? Try TheCarConnection On Flipboard

Faithful Web readers of TheCarConnection have watched us grow from a niche site into one of the most respected auto news and reviews sites on the Web. And if you consume Web... read more July 26, 2011 by 

Family Car Guide 2011

Welcome To The New FamilyCarGuide!

We're very proud to show off our newest creation at High Gear Media, the new face of Family Car Guide. We think the latest version of the site makes it easy for readers to... read more June 15, 2011 by  2

SocialCarNews comments

SocialCarNews Gets Easier, Faster, More Social Comments

You've asked for better comments here on the home of automotive social media, and--well, here you go. Today High Gear Media's proudly introducing our new commenting system... read more June 8, 2011 by 

SocialCarNews comments

Comments Get A New Look On TCC

The world of Web content revolves around you--your ability to answer our reporting with questions of your own. And that's why we're launching new comments today at High Gear... read more June 8, 2011 by  3

MotorAuthority's new comment system

New Comments For FamilyCarGuide

FamilyCarGuide is christening a new comments system today, to make it easier for you to discuss it with other readers. We at High Gear Media looked around at ways to improve... read more June 8, 2011 by  2

TheCarConnection mobile app

Bless You, Steve Jobs: TheCarConnection App 2.0 Is Live

If you're looking for car news, reviews and ratings, photos and videos, and dealer locators on the fly, there's just one place to go now--TheCarConnection, the mobile... read more April 7, 2011 by 

TheCarConnection Q&A

TheCarConnection's Latest: Questions and Answers

While you're working on your New Year's resolutions, you might have a few questions about your current car, or your next one. Who will you ask? How about other readers at... read more December 28, 2010 by 

TheCarConnection mobile view

Now Live: TheCarConnection Mobile

You're part of the now generation, what with your WiFi and your Bluetooth and your social media and all. You think what you really need is a Verizon-based, large-form-factor... read more December 3, 2010 by 

2011 Ford F-150 Limited

Today at High Gear Media: iPhone App, F-150, Volt and Seth Rogen

Have you heard? Or has iTunes pinged you to update? TheCarConnection's iPhone/iPad/iPod app is faster, prettier, and easier to use. [TheCarConnection] The 2011 Ford F-150 is... read more October 14, 2010 by 

Fox News

Catch High Gear Media on Fox Car Report Today

Looking around for something to do this afternoon at 3 p.m. EST? Can't leave the desk? Do you have earbuds at hand, by any chance? Tune in to FoxNews' Strategy Room online... read more October 7, 2010 by  7

2011 Chrysler 200

Chrysler Uses Social Media To Tease & Reveal Updated 2011 Models

Today was huge for Chrysler! They announced/revealed pictures and some details on four new or refreshed 2011 models. From the refreshed Chrysler 200 (which is the new name... read more September 14, 2010 by 

Marty Padgett

Video: Catch The Fox Car Report, Featuring Our Own Marty Padgett

Top Gear may have a giant studio audience (all wearing comfy shoes, we hope), and they may do some eye-popping, outrageous stunts, but if you're looking for serious auto... read more July 6, 2010 by 


High Gear Media Gets #Social With Your #Car #News

Like the post-trendy hashtag? Get used to it, a lot, because High Gear Media's getting deeper into the social-media world of cars. Today, we're announcing an important new... read more June 16, 2010 by 


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