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Enviro Groups Want Tougher Mileage Rules

Enviro Groups Want Tougher Mileage Rules

The pressure's on federal regulators to sharply increase the already-big increase in U.S. fuel economy standards approved last year. With gasoline prices now running nearly double the numbers forecast back then, a consortium of consumer and environmental groups believes there's an opportunity to... read more

June 17, 2008 by  - 2
Buzz Off, Big Oil

Buzz Off, Big Oil

June 17, 2008 1
Gas-Saving Tips

Gas-Saving Tips

June 13, 2008 3
Cheap Chinese Gas

Cheap Chinese Gas

June 12, 2008 2
Tailpipe Emissions

Idle Time

Don't worry about running a red light. Seems the real way to get into trouble in Minneapolis these days is letting your engine run. The city has just enacted a new law that... read more June 10, 2008 by  2

2008 Ford F-Series

Asians Overtake Detroit; F-Series Falls to Civic

If all the plant closings, production shifts, and job losses haven’t gotten out the word that there’s a massive sea change reshaping the U.S. auto industry, then the... read more June 4, 2008 by  2


GM's "Very Difficult" Transformation

In technical terms, they’re called “strategic initiatives.” But for practical purposes, the wide range of changes General Motors has announced this morning amounts to... read more June 3, 2008 by  5


2009 Dodge Ram: Timing Is Everything

In recent weeks, sales data show pickups have fallen from about 11 percent of the U.S. motor vehicle market to just 9 percent, and there’s little chance of a recovery... read more June 2, 2008 by  5

2013 Ford F-150 2WD SuperCab 145" XL Angular Front Exterior View

Ford to Step Up Fiesta Production

Slammed by the collapse of the American truck market, Ford Motor Co. is looking ways to ramp up production of its new Fiesta minicar. The subcompact, launched to much acclaim... read more June 2, 2008 by  2

Prius with environmental message

Toyota May Build Prius in U.S. Plant

I’ve been out in Northern California this weekend, attending a family wedding. It doesn’t take much time on the road to recognize that the Toyota Prius has become has... read more June 2, 2008 by  0

xf 131

Scooter Sales Soar

As many of my regular readers know, I frequently appear on broadcast outlets around the world, from Chicago's mega-station WJR -- where I spent nearly an hour with host Jon... read more June 1, 2008 by  4

Smart fortwo

Is It Smart to Put Premium in Your Little Fortwo?

Among the cars I am test-driving this week is a BMW M3 Coupe. It is, as you might expect, a joy to drive. But it is painful to refill, averaging barely 17 mpg and demanding... read more May 28, 2008 by  10

Fuel Prices

Finding Cheap(er) Gas

Sunny, my local Sunoco dealer, broke through the $4-a-gallon mark, just in time for the Memorial Day holiday weekend. His prices seemed to vary by the hour, ranging anywhere... read more May 27, 2008 by  1

Smart fortwo

Trading in on a Small Car Could COST You Big Money

If you want to get a sense of what’s happening in the U.S. new car market, just ask Alan Mulally. The CEO of Ford Motor Co. has just ordered a sharp cut in production for... read more May 22, 2008 by  0

Fuel Prices

Is $6 Gas Coming?

It seemed like only a few weeks ago – actually, it was – when oil prices cracked through the seemingly impenetrable $100-a-barrel barrier, leaving analysts, investors... read more May 21, 2008 by  5

International LoneStar

Mr. President-to-Be: How About Cutting DIESEL Taxes?

If you’ve lived through enough elections, you come to expect the pious promises from politicians who are shocked, shocked, I say, over some bit of negative economic news... read more May 15, 2008 by  5

E85 Corvette Racer

GM Expands Ethanol Efforts

General Motors is expanding its already aggressive efforts to make ethanol the green fuel of choice in the U.S. market. The automaker is taking an undisclosed equity stake in... read more May 7, 2008 by  0

2008 Nissan FX45

Shifting Sales Slam Big Three

The raw numbers are painful enough, but dig a little deeper into the latest monthly sales reports and you can see why Detroit’s Big Three have reason to worry about the... read more May 7, 2008 by  1

Fuel Prices

Oil's Still a Bargain in the U.S. (Relatively Speaking, Anyway)

Like everyone outside of those few New Yorkers who spend their lives commuting by subway, bus, or cab, I’m acutely aware of the run-up in oil prices. But as regular readers... read more May 7, 2008 by  0


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