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So Much For Young Lust: First Cars Beat Out First Dates

So Much For Young Lust: First Cars Beat Out First Dates

When most of the motoring world is focusing on the Geneva Show at the start of March, organizers of the next big Euro show after that are poking their heads above the parapet and begging not to be forgotten. The event in question is July’s British Motor Show, and what better way to get a bit... read more

February 20, 2008 by  - 9

Mmmm....Kangoo! Simpsons Star in Global Renault Ads

The ultimate family testing the ultimate family car – that’s how French manufacturer Renault is describing its new series of adverts for the MkII Kangoo family... read more February 4, 2008 by  3


The Ultimate Cliche-Ridden Dodge Journey Review!

So we just got back from driving the new Dodge Journey in Las Vegas, and we’re dreading the hordes of “Don’t Stop Believin’” cliched subheads... read more January 29, 2008 by  12


Happy Birthday, Car!

Mercedes-Benz sent us a lovely card today reminding us that today, January 29th, is what they consider the birthday of the automobile. Of course we normally send out our own... read more January 29, 2008 by  7


We Wrote, You Wrote: TheCarConnection’s Top Comments

Over at People magazine online, they’re asking about lip gloss and diet tips and the latest Lindsay sighting--while you’re telling us about future cars, fuel economy, the... read more January 29, 2008 by  1


Lose Those Spare Tires! Bridgestone, Richard Simmons Take On the Super Bowl

We already knew that Audi was planning a return to Super Bowl advertising for the first time since the Internet was a glint in Al Gore's eye. Now Bridgestone is turning on to... read more January 28, 2008 by  0


Ford Builds a Car-Part Orchestra

The dark art of promoting cars on European TV is stepping up another notch in terms of creativity. Gone are the days when you could just show a new model speeding through a... read more January 28, 2008 by  0


Bo Duke’s Charger On the Block, Not Up On Blocks

In yet another sign of the redneck apocalypse--and an excuse for Gen Xers raised on CBS’ formidable lineup of the Dukes of Hazzard, Wonder Woman and The Incredible Hulk... read more January 10, 2008 by  0


There’s A New Mercedes CLC Somewhere In This Picture

You know it’s a slow news day--either that or a news crime is being perpetrated on product-hungry outlets like ours. But left without another option, we present this... read more January 9, 2008 by  0

2007 Dodge Dakota 2WD Quad Cab 131" SLT Trunk

At Long Last, a Use For Those Diehard K-Cars

We’re so late on these things. In fact, this TV clip aired while I was cheering on Duke to their first national championship. But we’re bringing it to you... read more January 6, 2008 by  1

2007 Honda CR-Z Concept

2007 Honda CR-Z Concept

Like many Tokyo Motor Show concept vehicles, the Honda CR-Z is meant to give viewers a sense of what’s to come. In this case, the sleek little coupe – reminiscent of... read more October 24, 2007 by  0


BMW Plays the Race Card?

Bless the hearts of the workers helping out on BMW’s M3 launch in southern Spain. In order to expedite the number of blood-red M3s circling the track at any given... read more July 10, 2007 by  4


Metrosexual, Petrosexual? Nope – Mustangs Are “Retrosexual”

You wondered what your clothes meant about you, even though you consider “dressy” gear the stuff with buttons. Have no fear, Earnhardt fan: the new Mustang cologne... read more June 25, 2007 by  4


Fuel Cells Make Traffic History

Think you can’t be caught by an alternative-fuel vehicle for speeding? The Wayne State University police have some news for you. They’re patrolling the Detroit... read more June 24, 2007 by  0


Gibbs Aquada: Whatever floats your amphibious boat

Whatever floats your boat…or in the case of Gibbs Technologies, whatever floats your amphibious automobile. After some earlier setbacks, the company is getting ready to... read more June 20, 2007 by  3


Pope Lays Down 10 Commandments – of Good Driving?

There’s the law of the land—and now, on the road, there’s God’s law. Or Pope Benedict XVI’s version of it. In one of the more odd stories... read more June 19, 2007 by  10


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