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You Can Beat Tesla at the EV Game!

You Can Beat Tesla at the EV Game!

Crack open the pages of the second edition of "BUILD YOUR OWN ELECTRIC VEHICLE"--if you dare, oil-sucking capitalist. The book was released in October, and in it you may find just what you're looking for to create your own electric car empire.  And yes, the title is in all caps … presumably the... read more

October 30, 2008 by  -
Taco Bell

Thanks Phillies: Free Taco Bell Today!

So the folks at inform us that you can get a free taco--but only one--at your local Taco B today by simply arriving between the hours of 2 and 6 p.m. and... read more October 28, 2008 by 

2009 Hummer H3

How You Vote Vs. What You Drive

Having a hard time telling if your neighbors are voting Obama or McCain? Kelley Blue Book suggests that the vehicle they drive may be a strong indicator of whom they plan on... read more October 27, 2008 by  9

Pinto Slapped

Jalopnik Names Top 70 Lemons in Texas 24 Hours of LeMons

God bless the irreverant folks at Jalopnik, obsessed as they are with the Cult of Cars. They might occasionally resort to dramatic headlines about, say, urea injection, but... read more October 21, 2008 by 

KITT (Knight Rider)

Knight Rider Running on All Eight Cylinders?

After receiving positive response from its two-hour backdoor pilot movie based on the iconic "Knight Rider" series from the 1980s, NBC has decided the show will finish out... read more October 21, 2008 by  4

Ferrari Enzo wreck

Wrecked Exotics: 10 Most Expensive Crashes Ever

From the land of taking pleasure in others' misfortunes, the realm of rubbernecking, and deep inside the creepy minds trained on the truly grotesque, we present you Wrecked... read more October 17, 2008 by 

1997 Honda Civic DX

Vice-Presidential Debate: Who's Second-in-Command in Your Driveway?

If you're among the drivers in this country with a spare vehicle or two (or 13, in the case of one current Presidential candidate), we'd like to know what your vehicular... read more October 3, 2008 by  7


Bible Across America Tour Sponsored by RV Chassis Maker, Bible Publisher

Showing just how in touch the church is with Americans these days, RV chassis maker Spartan Motors and Bible publisher Zondervan have teamed up on a coast-to-coast RV tour of... read more September 30, 2008 by 

2008 Bentley Arnage Final Series

Pie-in-the-Sky Press Release of the Day: Bentley Couture

As October's bright blue weather approaches, Bentley wants you to know that its "new and expanded Bentley Collection range" is "perfect for the holiday period." Having... read more September 30, 2008 by 


Awkward Designs: GEM Peapod vs. Isetta vs. BMW 600

This isn't the first year that pinched pocketbooks and a faltering economy have forced automakers to re-invent and downsize. After WWII, according to Wikipedia... read more September 29, 2008 by  2

Citroen Disco Robot

Citroen C4 Comes to New York, Shows Street Dancing Cred

The Malaise Era may have produced some horrible cars, but it also produced cool music and characters with, as we say in the parlance of our times, sick swagger. In a... read more September 26, 2008 by  1

New York City taxi cab

New York Times Says Some Think "Sexy and Taxi Don’t Mix"

The picture in this New York Times article provides a brilliant contrast: a bottle-blonde vixen snarling in a "Gentleman's Club" ad perched atop a NYC Yellow Cab and a... read more September 24, 2008 by 

vintage tow truck

Tow Truck Arsonist: She Lost Her Mind in Oregon

A Portland, Ore., woman seemed to take Loretta Lynn and Jack White's lyrics to heart when she allegedly set fire to the tow truck preparing to take her car away: "Well, I... read more September 23, 2008 by 


In Saudi, Fuchs Goes the Extra Mile

You head to Saudi Arabia, and you're looking for great service. Where do you go? Fuchs, of course. Thanks to for the heads-up on a new Saudi Arabian service... read more September 22, 2008 by 


Even Coke Prices Rise in Face of Oil Price Woes

Business owners and entrepreneurs across this great land are being forced to pass along rising gas prices to their consumers. Simply put, the cost of shipping, air freight... read more September 19, 2008 by  1

2011 Chevrolet Volt

Bob Lutz Takes On the Colbert Nation

GM's sending out the foot soldiers to Washington to promote tax breaks that will help the 2011 Chevrolet Volt become reality--but at least one other soldier's taken a path... read more September 18, 2008 by  3


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