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Want a Tata Nano? Get In Line Behind 200,000 Indian Buyers

Want a Tata Nano? Get In Line Behind 200,000 Indian Buyers

The Tata Nano, India's equivalent of the Ford Model T a century later, finally went on sale on April 9th. And while it may not seem like much of a car to US buyers, more than 200,000 eager Indian buyers put down deposits for cars that won't be delivered for as long as two years. And that should be... read more

May 5, 2009 by  - 5
2009 Mercedes Benz CL Class 5.5L V12

Mercedes-Benz CL550: Your Fin de Siecle Moment

If it's the end of an era of excess, the Mercedes-Benz CL550 sure doesn't know it. This week, while the market is pole-dancing for Hugo Chavez' entertainment, while Palin and... read more October 14, 2008 by  4


Smart fortwo "ed" Is Lithium-Ion Electric Testbed

Marking the 10th anniversary of adorable (if slow) little smart cars roaming the streets, Daimler AG has teamed with NASA and equipped the fortwo with solid rocket boosters... read more October 3, 2008 by  2


Last HUMMER Dealer in Vegas Shuttered

Towbin HUMMER is history--and in its death throes are a larger lesson on GM's HUMMER experiment. Towbin was one of HUMMER's largest retailers in the nation. It's the eighth... read more September 9, 2008 by  1

Smart fortwo

Smart and the City

My personal tale of two cities started last week in Dusseldorf, where I spent a couple of days driving the new Benz GLK, and is concluding this week at the wheel of the 2008... read more July 28, 2008 by  1

2000 Mazda Miata

Eight Cars to Drive Before You Die

Your everyday car may be special to you, what with its nice rims, a cool satellite radio system, enough room in the console to hide evidence of trips to Carvel. Chances are... read more June 13, 2008 by  8

Smart fortwo

Is It Smart to Put Premium in Your Little Fortwo?

Among the cars I am test-driving this week is a BMW M3 Coupe. It is, as you might expect, a joy to drive. But it is painful to refill, averaging barely 17 mpg and demanding... read more May 28, 2008 by  10

Smart fortwo

Are Small Cars Safe? Surprisingly So!

There was a lot of attention given a recent federal test of the new Smart fortwo. The little coupe received what was, on the whole, the highest possible kudos following a... read more May 21, 2008 by  9


The Week in Reverse

Toyota and Subaru are so much in love, they're getting together to build a new rear-drive coupe. Because, you know, the world didn't get enough of the Corolla GT-S the first... read more April 11, 2008 by  1


NHTSA Warns on Smart Crash Tests

Smart's fortwo city car is on sale -- and playing hard to get, if our informal poll of dealers is holding true nationwide. But the government's car safety agency is sounding... read more April 3, 2008 by  16


When Small Gets Big, Bigger, Biggest

When the automotive bean-counters weigh in with their latest numbers, on Tuesday, you can be all but certain that the sales reports will trigger panic across the industry... read more March 31, 2008 by  3


Smart Charging Up Plans for Electric Vehicle Test Fleet

The smart brand is still getting started in the United States but David Schembri, smart USA president, told TheCarConnection, during a New York Auto Show interview, that the... read more March 20, 2008 by  10


Struggling with Smart Shortages

We’ll find out next week whether the little 2008 Smart fortwo coupe wins honors as the World Green Car of the Year. But a successful nod at the 2008 New York Auto Show... read more March 14, 2008 by  22


We Wrote, You Wrote: TheCarConnection’s Top Comments

Over at People magazine online, they’re asking about lip gloss and diet tips and the latest Lindsay sighting--while you’re telling us about future cars, fuel economy, the... read more January 29, 2008 by  1


No Hanky-Panky in a SmartCar

There’ll be no hanky-panky in the back of your kid’s Smart car, that’s because there is no rear seat in the pint-sized 2-seater, noted Dave Schembri... read more January 28, 2008 by  3


Smart Ready to Sell First Cars

Smart’s two-seat fortwo seems too cute to be real--but this week, smart will deliver the first of the Benz-developed city cars to customers who signed up long ago on... read more January 15, 2008 by  10


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