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Ford F-150 Snags Motor Trend Truck of the Year

Ford F-150 Snags Motor Trend Truck of the Year

We already knew that Texans like the new 2009 Ford F-150; now the editors of Motor Trend add their vote to Ford's bread-and-butter pickup truck. The F-series--and the SUVs whose architecture it shares--was once Ford's lifeblood, and while it still sells in respectable numbers its sales are... read more

December 16, 2008 by  - 2
F-150 Heavy Duty DEWALT Contractor Concept

Ford Highlights Four Customized F-150s At SEMA

Harking back to a sunnier, happier time when knobby-tired, lift-kit-equipped trucks, custom vans, and bellowing Jeeps roamed American highways en masse, Ford brings three... read more October 29, 2008 by  0

2009 Dodge Ram 1500 Sport

Buy a Truck, Save a Buck

Both Ford and Chrysler are offering significant discounts and/or rebates for their freshly redesigned '09 full-size trucks, reports Automotive News. Ford offers a $2,500 for... read more October 20, 2008 by  0

2009 Ford F-150

2009 Ford F-150: First Drive

Full-size trucks have never been better than they are today. Period. No arguments. GM's Silverado and Sierra (introduced in 2007) are handsome, capable, good-driving... read more October 17, 2008 by  0

Roush Ford F-150 LP Natural Gas truck

Roush F-150: Pickups Go Propane

What if you could drive a car powered by a waste product of the refining process that creates gasoline and natural gas? Great, because Detroit's Roush Industries can make it... read more October 13, 2008 by  16

2009 Ford F-150

Ford Announces Pricing on '09 F-150

Despite a sales beatdown in '08, Ford still sells a plethora of its F-150 trucks (sales numbers rival the total combined U.S. sales of some manufacturers), and Ford hopes... read more September 18, 2008 by  7

2009 Ford F-150 SFE

2009 Ford F-150 Gets SFE High-Mileage Model

Like its Chevrolet and GMC colleagues, the 2009 Ford F-150 is getting a new edition that puts its emphasis on improved fuel economy. The new F-150 pickup truck arrives later... read more September 18, 2008 by  2

2009 Ford F-150

Ford, Dodge Trucks Boost MPG for 2009

Treading water (with increasing urgency) while their super-efficient diesel and gas models are still in development, Dodge and Ford are introducing engineering tweaks in... read more September 15, 2008 by  2

2009 Ford Focus iPod

Ford Doubles Down for In-Car Tech

A group of 40 Ford employees will drive its future products into a deeper, more meaningful relationships with cell phones, iPods, and other personal technology, the company... read more August 13, 2008 by  4

Opel Insignia Swings with the London Motor Show

What's it like to love cars in a city with traffic-clogged streets overrun by zero-emission taxis, underpinned by hundreds of miles of Underground trains, and encircled by... read more July 22, 2008 by  0


Ranger Redux?

Ford Motor Co. may have some good news for fans of its long-running Ranger pickup, as well as workers at the company's Twin Cities Assembly Plant in St. Paul, Minnesota. The... read more June 26, 2008 by  4

2008 Ford F-Series

Do You Think Ford Can Survive?

Ford's decision to delay by two months the launch of the new 2009 F-Series pickup is news in and of itself. But in the broader scheme of things, it's just one step in a... read more June 22, 2008 by  12

2009 Ford F-150

Ford Delays 2009 Ford F-150, Green-Lights 2011 Euro Focus

Ford's plan to fast-track its new 2009 F-150 pickup truck has hit a big snag: $4-a-gallon-gas. As a result of booming gas prices, the company will delay the launch of the new... read more June 20, 2008 by  9

Mexico Flag

Want Cheap Gas? Head Over to Mexico

Drivers everywhere are looking for creative ways to save money on gas. If you live on the border with Mexico, you officially have the advantage. According to the Associated... read more June 15, 2008 by  2

2008 Ford F-150

Ford Throws a Hail Mary with F-150 Pricing

If you need a full-size truck--there are still a few of you out there, I'm sure--Ford's latest deal could cut through the gas-prices haze. Ford's offering a pricing deal on... read more June 5, 2008 by  7

2008 Ford F-Series

Asians Overtake Detroit; F-Series Falls to Civic

If all the plant closings, production shifts, and job losses haven’t gotten out the word that there’s a massive sea change reshaping the U.S. auto industry, then the... read more June 4, 2008 by  2


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