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Mazda Hydrogen RX-8 Program Is a Go for Norway

Mazda Hydrogen RX-8 Program Is a Go for Norway

Oh, those Europeans. With their miserly diesels, minuscule four-cylinders, and stringent air-quality standards, it would seem they're a couple of decades ahead in critical efficiency/air-quality measures compared to us here in the United States. They get most of the cool, experimental technology... read more

October 15, 2008 by  - 0
2008 Mercedes-Benz concept FASCINATION

2008 Mercedes-Benz Concept FASCINATION Hits Paris

Long the purveyor of impossibly elegant hardtop coupes like the CL550, Mercedes takes "sense and sensuousness"--Jane Austen is surely rolling in her grave--to a new level in... read more October 2, 2008 by  2

2009 Volvo C30

Volvo Confirms 300-HP, AWD C30

Think Volvos are just for soccer moms? Think again. The Swedish purveyor of "safe" has just confirmed plans for a 300-horsepower, all-wheel-drive edition of the Kammback-cool... read more September 30, 2008 by  5


Awkward Designs: GEM Peapod vs. Isetta vs. BMW 600

This isn't the first year that pinched pocketbooks and a faltering economy have forced automakers to re-invent and downsize. After WWII, according to Wikipedia... read more September 29, 2008 by  2

Porsche logo

Porsche Claims Control of VW

It's a case of Wolfsburg vs. Stuttgart over in Germany, where privately held automaker Porsche claims "de facto" control over the world's third-largest auto company, VW AG... read more September 16, 2008 by  1

BMW logo

BMW Microcar Development Confirmed

Driven both by European and U.S. demands, BMW has confirmed development of a car BMW CEO Robert Reithofer has dubbed a "mega city" car that will slot below the 1 Series... read more September 15, 2008 by  0

Offshore Oil Rig

Question: So, Which Is It, Recession or Speculation?

Citing over-production, OPEC says production will be cut by 520,000 barrels a day over a 40-day period. The oil-rich nations are doing so because of a dramatic and fast... read more September 11, 2008 by  10

2008 Volvo C30 DRIVe Concept

Volvo DRIVe to Make Efficient Splash at Paris

We Americans tend to measure how green a car is by miles per gallon; Europeans are all caught up on emissions. CO2, to be exact. And with minimal CO2 emissions being a... read more September 9, 2008 by  0

2008 Subaru Impreza 5dr Man WRX Angular Rear Exterior View

New Subaru Diesel Bows in Paris

Cautious in its decision to go diesel in the U.S., Subaru is releasing its new 2.0-liter turbodiesel horizontally opposed (boxer) four-cylinder in the Euro-spec Forester and... read more September 8, 2008 by  0

2008 BMW 1-Series 128i

BMW USA Mulling New Four-Cylinders?

The last time BMW installed a four-cylinder powerplant in a 3 Series, a Clinton was in the White House--and not just as a dinner guest. With fuel prices at semipermanent... read more September 5, 2008 by  2


"Smart" Cars Pass a Euro Hurdle

"Smart" cars that communicate with each other to warn of traffic and accidents ahead are a step closer to reality in Europe, under a plan announced by the European... read more August 5, 2008 by  0


The Littlest Mercedes: Now More Green!

Mercedes-Benz has restyled the compact A-Class and will show it off to the public next week at a German auto show. Even though we don't get the A-Class in America, it's an... read more March 28, 2008 by  1


A5 TDI Nearly Outmuscles S5

You probably wouldn’t expect a car that bears the declaration, “the cleanest diesel in the world,” to be much fun to drive. But the A5 3.0 TDI — one of... read more March 13, 2008 by  8


Geneva Accord Redux

Photos of Honda's new Accord and Accord Tourer (wagon) were first released several weeks ago, but the automaker showed the vehicle in the flesh for the first time on its... read more March 4, 2008 by  2


Nissan Building Worldwide Momentum

Nissan kicked off the Geneva show this morning with its GT-R super sports car. Even though the stunning, long-anticipated sports car was unveiled in Tokyo and shown at L.A... read more March 4, 2008 by  1

2010 Volvo XC60

2009 Volvo XC60 Preview

The safest car we have ever built – that’s the claim Volvo is making about the new XC60. From a firm that has built its entire reputation on making strong cars, it’s a... read more March 4, 2008 by  0


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