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Bob & Sergio & Rick & Ron: Mind-Blowing Mergings

Bob & Sergio & Rick & Ron: Mind-Blowing Mergings

It's Friday, and we hope you're already drinking, because this will make more sense if you're hammered. Okay, you already know about the Fiat/Chrysler partnership. And hopefully you recall our piece from earlier this week in which Fiat's Sergio Marchionne said he'd just loooove to acquire GM... read more

May 8, 2009 by  - 1
Chrysler logo

Your Daily Chrysler Fix: Just The High Points

There are so many stories about Chrysler buzzing across the interwebz that we could never cover them all in depth. Instead, we're going to bring you up to speed with tasty... read more May 5, 2009 by  8

Fiat's Sergio Marchionne

Fiat: The New Overlord

The rest of the auto industry may be flatlining, but Fiat is going horizontal in a very different way: horizontal integration. Yesterday the Italian automaker confirmed that... read more May 4, 2009 by  1

2007 Dodge Nitro

The 5 Cars That Killed Chrysler...This Time

While we wait for Chrysler to emerge, hopefully leaner but not that much lighter, from its bankruptcy—perhaps with some fashionable Italian loafers and a rejuvenated Dolce... read more May 1, 2009 by  14

Chrysler and Fiat logos

Chrysler Files for Chapter 11

Chrysler LLC may have put together a package of concessions and agreements with the government, Italy's Fiat, and the United Auto Workers (UAW--but the refusal of bondholders... read more April 30, 2009 by  0

Chrysler is sizzling

Chrysler Out Of The Frying Pan. That's Good, Right?

The last 24 hours have been big for Chrysler. The long and short of it appears to be that (a) the company will likely avoid bankruptcy court, and (b) its relationship with... read more April 28, 2009 by  3

Chrysler pentastar

Chrysler And UAW Spend The Weekend Together

  While you were getting hammered at some weekend music festival or cleaning out the garage, bigwigs from Chrysler and the United Auto Workers union were busy getting to... read more April 27, 2009 by  0

Fiat logo

Fiat, GM and Chrysler: What Needs to Happen

The news isn't good, if you're following GM and Chrysler spin towards some inevitable fate. GM is likely headed for a date in bankruptcy court--and Chrysler is looking at... read more April 23, 2009 by  12

Fiat's Sergio Marchionne

Fiat Ready To Say 'Basta!' On Chrysler Deal, Thanks To Unions

No one would say that Chrysler's been doing well in recent months, but at least its situation hasn't been as dire as GM's. Smaller than The General and engaged to a sexy... read more April 15, 2009 by  8

Jim Press and 2011 Jeep Grand Cherokee

Five Questions: Chrysler's Jim Press

 Jim Press is no stranger to pressure. Fresh from a two-decade career at Toyota, he became Chrysler's vice chairman and president just as the company was beginning to... read more April 8, 2009 by  1

Chrysler and Fiat logos

New Details About The Fiat-Chrysler Pre-Nup

More info about the on-again/off-again marriage of Chrysler/Fiat has emerged--namely, details about Fiat's initial stake in Chrysler and how the Italian automaker can earn a... read more April 8, 2009 by  4

Bob Nardelli

Chrysler Responds Positively to Federal Stance, Assistance

Chrysler CEO Bob Nardelli reacted positively to news of the Obama Administration, U.S. Treasury, and Auto Task Force's news of assistance as the automaker restructures and... read more March 30, 2009 by  10

Chrysler and Fiat logos

Fiat CEO Wants To 'Repay Every Single Dollar Of Taxpayer Funding'

So is it going to be Italy to the rescue of the American taxpayer? Fiat CEO Sergio Marchionne is still courting Chrysler, and he assured the U.S. auto task force yesterday... read more March 6, 2009 by  3


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