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GM Going Green And Very Lean

GM Going Green And Very Lean

The Scottish poet Robert Burns once said, "The best-laid plans of mice and men often go awry." Why bother planning then? Well, as Congress made abundantly clear during the Big 3 bailout talks last fall, you have to have some kind of plan in place before you can expect any help. (Unless, of course... read more

January 13, 2009 by - 1
Ford logo BEST

Big Three Bailout: Ford Buffs Its Brand

Every motivational speaker in the world knows the old chestnut about "crisis" and "opportunity" being the same word in Chinese. And although that isn't entirely true, one of... read more December 18, 2008 by 4

2009 Chevrolet Avalanche

Would You Buy American for a $1,000 Bonus?

It's safe to say that American automakers didn't get into their current predicament because of one Titanic-sized iceberg. Instead, there were a lot of little, tiny icebergs... read more December 16, 2008 by 5

Rube Goldberg

Big Three Still Trickling, Still Down

Judging from some comments on recent posts, a few of you are a tad excited--nay, giddy--to see Ford, GM, and Chrysler get their comeuppance. And that's to be expected... read more December 16, 2008 by 0

Bob Nardelli

Nardelli to Chrysler Workers: All's Good, Sort Of

Hard as it is to imagine, we're coming up on the first anniversary of Chrysler's takeover by the folks at Cerberus Capital Management. It's been a year of turmoil and one... read more August 2, 2008 by 5


GM Loses $15.5 Billion

General Motors posted a massive $15.5 billion second-quarter loss, a widening deficit that underscored the mounting problems facing the giant automaker, Detroit, and the auto... read more August 1, 2008 by 3

GM Stock Chart 7-17-08

The Cuts Keep Coming

The cuts keep coming, and anyone collecting a check from Detroit's Big Three has to be wondering for how much longer. General Motors has confirmed that the 15 percent cut in... read more July 31, 2008 by 0

McCain at GM 7-18-05

Have You Driven a McCain Lately?

It took a full term before the current White House occupant made any serious effort to deal with the domestic auto industry. Not so when it comes to the two men currently... read more July 18, 2008 by 3

Henderson and Wagoner

More Big Cuts: Can GM Hang On?

Barely a month after announcing massive cuts, notably on the truck side of the business, General Motors today revealed a new plan aimed at coping with the "dramatic" rise in... read more July 15, 2008 by 8

Obama at Chrysler Plant

Mulally: Meeting with Obama "Very Productive"

A meeting between the Democrats' presumptive presidential nominee, Barack Obama, and 10 industry leaders was "very productive," according to one of those executives, Ford... read more June 26, 2008 by 4

Stocks Down

Could Debt Bring Down Detroit's Big Three?

We don't have to go over the details, do we? Let's just say things aren't going well with the Big Three. OK, a few details, so we can put the latest news into perspective... read more June 23, 2008 by 7

Stocks Down

Auto Stocks Taking Hard Hits

What does Kirk Kerkorian Know that you don't? That's a question a lot of people are asking, these days, after he picked up 20 million shares of Ford Motor Co. stock at $6.50... read more June 19, 2008 by 0

Bob Nardelli

More Cuts Coming at Chrysler?

Could there be still more cuts coming at Chrysler? That's the consensus of some who've seen a new memo from the automaker's CEO, Robert Nardelli, which paints a bleak picture... read more June 18, 2008 by 3

Oil Pump

Enviro Groups Want Tougher Mileage Rules

The pressure's on federal regulators to sharply increase the already-big increase in U.S. fuel economy standards approved last year. With gasoline prices now running nearly... read more June 17, 2008 by 2

Ford Blue Oval Logo

Ford Sets Cost-Cut Target – Big Job Cuts Likely

Confirming recent rumors of a shake-up in its white-collar ranks, Ford Motor Co. is notifying workers it expects a 15 percent cut in salary costs by August 1. How many jobs... read more June 5, 2008 by 1

Steve Miller at Econ Club

Thanks for Your Enthusiasm

Plant closings, layoffs, record oil prices, massive losses--some days, we at feel like we need a double dose of Prozac before setting down at the... read more June 4, 2008 by 3


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