Why Cow-Catchers Are Helpful In A Small-Vehicle/Large-Vehicle Collision
Why Cow-Catchers Are Helpful In A Small-Vehicle/Large-Vehicle Collision

Remember those things called cow-catchers on the front of steam locomotives? Of course, you are probably too young to have seen one in person, but cowboy movies show them. Oh, you havent had a cowboy movie lately? If you do see a choo-choo train, note that they look like they have pointed snow...Read More»

late model racecraft street stalker engine
How Often Should You Change Your Oil?

Even though the Clunkers for Cash program provided a momentary shot-in-the-arm for the auto industry, the auto market still remains very soft. Indeed, when polled new-car buyers recently, 100,000 respondents said they planned to keep their cars much longer than they would have normally...Read More»

North American Car of the Year
2010 North American Car of the Year: Your Ballots, Please

It's almost that time--if it were the Academy Awards, the accounting team from PriceWaterhouseCoopers would be sidling up to the podium with an envelope for Whoopi or Billy or Steve or, God forbid, Dave, to open. It's just a few weeks before the 50 jurors on the committee cast their ballots for the...Read More»

Ford Intelligent Vehicles preview
National School Bus Safety Week: Prevention

Lets talk about something that is near and dear to every Road Warriors heart proper etiquette around school buses. If you are not aware of these protocols, learn them. If you know them, read them again! School Bus Safety Week (Oct. 19-23) is here again so listen up. Its when we give a weeks worth...Read More»

2010 Honda Accord Sedan
Honda Considering Faster Model Updates To Beat Competition

The new car market is starting to get just a little overcrowded with quality vehicles, and in a time where customers all around the world are cutting back on their spending, things like performance, fuel-economy and overall value is now more important than ever. Today, it’s hard to find a...Read More»

Bob Lutz
Lutz: Just One Car Returned Under 60-Day Money-Back Guarantee

In September, GM launched a program putting its cars up against the industry's best, offering a 60-day money-back guarantee on all 2009 and 2010 model-year Buick, Chevrolet, Cadillac and GMC vehicles. So far, it looks to be going well for GM, with just one customer taking the car in for a...Read More»

2011 Chevrolet Cruze
GM Ramps Up For 2011 Chevrolet Cruze and Volt Production

General Motors is investing more than $230 million in four plants in the greater Flint, Michigan area to support the production of the upcoming 2011 Chevrolet Cruze and 2011 Chevrolet Volt, a move that will form more than 500 jobs. The four plants include Flint Engine South, Flint Metal Center...Read More»

Porsche Panamera
Porsche Wants You--On Twitter and Facebook [Social Media]

Follow us on Twitter: @highgearmedia @carconnection @therealma @greencarreports and join our Facebook fan page Follow Porsche on Facebook and Twitter @porschenewswire Maybe the whole world of social media is second nature to you--MySpace, Tumblr, Twitter and Facebook, you're everywhere, dude. But...Read More»

Chrysler headquarters
Chrysler Profitable In Two Years, Says CEO

The recently announced alliance with Fiat notwithstanding, Chrysler's current position in the market is regarded as precarious by buyers and analysts alike. New CEO Sergio Marchionne is more optimistic, however, stating that Chrysler will be profitable within the next two years. Early next month...Read More»

2009 Hummer H2
HUMMER Sale To China's Tengzhong Official

The saga of GM's sale of HUMMER has finally come to a close. With the sudden collapse of the Penske-Saturn deal last week, many feared a similar fate would befall HUMMER, but today's announcement of the sale agreement between GM and China's Tengzhong puts those fears to rest, at least for the...Read More»

Sergio Marchionne
Chrysler Set To Announce New Five-Year Business Plan

Chrysler is scheduled to unveil a new five-year business plan November 4 at its Auburn Hills headquarters, most likely outlining how the company will operate under the guidance of new CEO Sergio Marchionne and as a part of the Fiat Group corporate umbrella. The next couple of years are crucial for...Read More»

Susan Docherty
Mark LaNeve Replaced By Susan Docherty As Head Of Sales At GM

General Motors has named Susan Docherty its new vice president of U.S. sales, replacing Mark LaNeve immediately. LaNeve elected to leave GM from the 15th of this month to pursue another opportunity with a non-automotive company, with Docherty set to fill his shoes the day after. Docherty will be...Read More»

2009 Toyota Corolla
The 2010 VW GTI Will Get You to Work on Time and In a Very Good Mood

Price: Starting at $25,000 Mileage: 24 city/31 highway The average person spends 9.2 days a year commuting to and from work. Take a moment to absorb that number and remember that this doesn't even take into account the poor souls we all hear about who spend something ridiculous like four hours a...Read More»

Akio Toyoda
Toyota President: Company 'Grasping For Salvation'

Today Toyota Motor Co. president Akio Toyoda dished out a dose of reality to the world on the state of the largest global carmaker: it's on the brink of irrelevance and possibly even insolvency. Referencing Jim Collins' book How the Might Fall, Toyoda said the company is "grasping for salvation."...Read More»

Roger Penske
General Motors' Sale Of Saturn To Roger Penske Nearly Done

Good news for Saturn enthusiasts (and we know there are quite a few of you): General Motor's deal to sell the brand to businessman Roger Penske seems to be on track. According to Detroit Free Press, Saturn's general manager, Jill Lajdziak, has requested an early retirement package from GM, and...Read More»

2009 Tokyo Motor Show
Hyundai Latest To Pull Out Of 2009 Tokyo Motor Show

The Japan Automobile Manufacturers' Association (JAMA) has decided not to cancel this year’s Tokyo Motor Show, despite most of the world’s automakers pulling out of the event. Skipping the show this year will be the Detroit 3, as well as automakers from Germany, France, Sweden, and...Read More»

Lamborghini Advanced Composite Structures Laboratory in Seattle, Washington
5 Things To Do When in a Fender Bender

It can be hard to think clearly after the shock of a fender-bender, so, with safety and insurance partner, offer this protocol for the immediate moments after an accident and recommends that you carry this tip sheet with you in your vehicle. Even the safest and most...Read More»

The New Auto Industry Breakdown words only
Must-See Graphic: Cheat Sheet For Today’s New Auto Industry

Over the past eighteen months or so, the auto industry has been going through one of the most pronounced periods of change ever. While the Japanese and South Korean auto industries have avoided major upheavals, two major U.S. automakers have gone bankrupt, long-held brands have been sold to...Read More»

2010 Toyota Prius at 2009 Detroit auto show
Toyota Plans To Extend The Prius Lineup In The U.S.

Toyota Motor Sales USA made an intriguing announcement this week: the automaker told U.S. dealers that Toyota is extending the range of its Prius lineup in American showrooms. Based on statements from dealers with first-hand knowledge of the announcement, it appears that Toyota's intent is simply...Read More»

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