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2007 Volkswagen UP! Concept

2007 Volkswagen UP! Concept

Is this the shape of things to come, or a return to Volkswagen’s roots? The UP! concept is a bit of both. The minicar prototype “is what the Volkswagen brand has stood for since it started,” declared the automaker’s CEO, Martin Winterkorn, “affordable mobility for everybody.” Though the... read more

September 10, 2007 by - 0
2007 Nissan Mixim Concept

2007 Nissan Mixim Concept

Nissan’s new Mixim concept shows what a future electric-powered city car might look and act like, the Japanese automaker said as it previewed its concept prior to a... read more August 30, 2007 by 0

2014 Buick Regal 4-door Sedan Premium II FWD Door Handle

J.D. Power Ranks Most Reliable Vehicles

Who makes the most reliable cars on the road? And whose products are likely to leave you stranded on the side of the road? The results are in from J.D. Power’s latest... read more August 12, 2007 by 82


BMW Plays the Race Card?

Bless the hearts of the workers helping out on BMW’s M3 launch in southern Spain. In order to expedite the number of blood-red M3s circling the track at any given... read more July 10, 2007 by 4


Mercedes Shines the (Invisible) Light on Night Vision

I have to admit that up until now, I’ve always thought of Night Vision systems as one of those features that are offered mainly to satisfy leading-edge... read more July 9, 2007 by 1


Lutz: Sixteen, Velite Are Dead!

Say it ain't so, Bob, is likely the refrain around the hand-wringing blogs and Detroit outlets today. That's because Maximum Bob--he who would be the first to champion the... read more July 2, 2007 by 34


Metrosexual, Petrosexual? Nope – Mustangs Are “Retrosexual”

You wondered what your clothes meant about you, even though you consider “dressy” gear the stuff with buttons. Have no fear, Earnhardt fan: the new Mustang cologne... read more June 25, 2007 by 4


Fuel Cells Make Traffic History

Think you can’t be caught by an alternative-fuel vehicle for speeding? The Wayne State University police have some news for you. They’re patrolling the Detroit... read more June 24, 2007 by 0


Gibbs Aquada: Whatever floats your amphibious boat

Whatever floats your boat…or in the case of Gibbs Technologies, whatever floats your amphibious automobile. After some earlier setbacks, the company is getting ready to... read more June 20, 2007 by 3


Pope Lays Down 10 Commandments – of Good Driving?

There’s the law of the land—and now, on the road, there’s God’s law. Or Pope Benedict XVI’s version of it. In one of the more odd stories... read more June 19, 2007 by 10


HUMMER Wedding Unites Couple, Marketing

The trend of underwritten weddings—think Star Jones’ shameless sponsor-shopping—is taking on a distinct odor of gasoline this weekend, when a Nevada couple... read more June 18, 2007 by 10


I’m Ready for Eurodiesels

Over the past several years, we’ve heard plenty about diesels — especially that they’re quieter, more civil, and smoke-free, and that they no longer bring a... read more June 17, 2007 by 16


The Week in Reverse

Surprise! Or not. There’s a new Shelby convertible coming later in the year, giving us a reason to hang on (well that, and the new Courtney Love solo album). Jaguar and... read more June 17, 2007 by 1


Lamborghini Gets Its Own Stamp

There’s no better way of knowing you’ve made it than getting your image on a stamp. Now the Italian Post Office has honored Lamborghini by issuing a Lambo stamp... read more June 11, 2007 by 2


Is MirraChrome The Next Big Bling?

We tend to be a fairly conservative lot, us British drivers. We don’t like to stick out from the crowd too much in case we’re thought of as crass or vulgar. The... read more June 11, 2007 by 17


Trucks Keep Slipping – Is It For Good?

It didn’t take a trained eye to notice. Heading up to northern Michigan, on warm summer weekends, back in the late 1980s, it was hard to ignore the growing number of... read more June 4, 2007 by 21


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