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Send The 2014 Nissan Rogue On A Road Trip 'Detour' Using Google Maps

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2014 Nissan Rogue marketing campaign, 'The Detour'

2014 Nissan Rogue marketing campaign, 'The Detour'

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Nissan is hyping the 2014 Rogue compact crossover with a new online campaign called "Detour" that could be one of the better Friday afternoon timewasters we've encountered -- this week, anyway.

The campaign creates a fantasy road trip-slash-music video using Google Maps, some stock car-on-road footage of the Rogue, and M.I.A.'s song, "Y.A.L.A.". Start the process by visiting, where you'll encounter a Google Map of the U.S., asking for the Point A of your trip. As you might expect, you're then asked for your destination, which will, unfortunately, need to be in the U.S. (We tried to game the campaign by plugging in Point Bs in Europe, Asia, and the South Atlantic. Sadly, no dice.)

Then, the website runs a few calculations and prepares your journey. Click "GO", and you're off, watching the Rogue do its thing, largely on the route you've requested. 

The fun part, of course, is seeing your own 'hood -- maybe even your own house -- in what amounts to be a national commercial for the Rogue. There's also a nifty part where you can slide through the cabin, reversing the action (and the music) if you like.

While this is likely to provide hours of entertainment for some, we can't help feeling that we've seen this all before -- for example, three-plus years ago, in a music video from Arcade Fire. Still, any diversion on a Friday is better than none.   


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