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5 Of The Best Car Commercials (And 5 Of The Worst) Page 2

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Jennifer Lopez in an ad for the 2012 Fiat 500c

Chevrolet: "Man Step" ad for the Silverado

This clip was supposed to poke fun at the Ford F-150s "man step", but in the end it just made Chevy look like a bully. And since it called out the F-150 by name, it was free advertising for Ford. This is what we call a lose-lose.

Fiat: "Papi" featuring Jennifer Lopez for the 500

J-Lo is chased by fans. Or zombies. And she might be guilty of a few hit-and-runs. But then she dances her way out of a ticket, and everyone lives happily ever after. Well, except the people that she injured, maybe. If Showgirls were a car commercial, it would look a lot like this. 

Hyundai: "Pipe Job" ad for the ix35

This clip was made for U.K. audiences, and it was so controversial, it was immediately taken down. Who'd have thought that poking fun at suicide would be so offensive? (Everyone, that's who.)

Lincoln: "Steer the Script" clip for the MKZ

Letting fans write copy for a Lincoln ad seemed like a great idea. Social engagement! Tech-friendliness! Youth! Unfortunately, the campaign was a complete dud, resulting in this painful, practically unwatchable clip. This is why copywriting remains a noble profession. 

Nissan: "G.I. Joe & Barbie" ad for the 300ZX

Ken lost his favorite hooker in a Toy Story knock-off. But hey, he got to keep the beach house, which should've, like, tripled in value. We just hope he sold it before the housing bubble burst.  

Honorable mention: the infamous Chevy Volt dance

This isn't technically a commercial, but lordamercy, is it bad. We know we've hit it before. And before. We couldn't resist.

Surely we left out your favorite. Or maybe the ad you hate more than anything in the world? Share your thoughts in the comments below.


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Comments (15)
  1. How could you leave out the amazing first Fiat 500 Abarth ad with Catrinel Menghia? Surely a classic ...

    (But I love the Grace Jones ad; the Toyota Prius one got wildly mixed reviews, with a lot of people thinking it was just a little too creepy to be good ... your mileage may vary, I guess.)

  2. John Voelcker - Loved that ad too... your post claimed "This video is private" ... here it is on Youtube... great ad...

  3. The Nissan GI Joe ad...absolutely one of the best ever. My favorite ad of all time. How cold you possibly say it was the worst. ?

  4. Amen!

  5. What about the Ford Ka ads? Hilarious!

  6. Wow - what a memory that Dinah Shore one is for me. The 1953 Bel Air Coupe in the first scene was like the one I drove 1000+ plus miles on a weekend to meet the woman I married. "See the USA in your Chevrolet" was the peak of GM's glorious success.

  7. Great compilation, I would agree with Voelcker absolutely !!! It caught my eye every time I saw it :-) But, also, from the "Best Commercial" list how could you not include Little boy as Darth Vader starting the Volkswagen? ....

  8. The VW Ad:

  9. If the point of an ad is to be memorable, than how in the world could you leave off the VW Mini Darth Vader ad?

  10. The best commercial in my opinion was the one with the Sheriff stopping the guy in the 1970 Dodge Challenger R/T and asking,"is that a race car you got there boy?" I love that one. Makes my laugh every time. I also agree with John. That scorpion taking that bikini top away in the Abarth commercial is a top five, so is she.... clearly.

  11. I think the Chevy Volt dog licking foot ad was way worse than the J-Lo ad:

  12. You left one of the absolute worst I've seen lately. The new Honda ad with the woman "spasing out" with something about hashtags. Just freakinf awful!

  13. This is it:
    Dance Party Honda TV Commercial Ad

    The worst commercial!!!

  14. The "GI Joe" ad was the worst because the 300ZX was no longer being sold when the commercial aired!
    What can be worse than an advertisement for something the customer can't even buy?

  15. Audi commercials are the worst !! like the one where this bimbo saids that she is going to need a bigger bucket because this moron and this other bimbo just dropped their keys in the bucket after seen an audi drive by RIDICULOUS ,,,they make the statement that more people are trading in their BMW LEXUS andMERCEDES for an audi ...what a bunch of B.S. in reality NO ONE !! NO ONE !! NO ONE !! trades in their BMW LEXUS or MERCEDES for an audi .....but people that do own these audis( which most have all sorts of electrical problems ) trade in these useless audis for HONDAS and TOYOTAS......why is audi wasting their money on these horrible made commercials ? that are not true.....

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