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Storage And Versatility: 30 Days Of The 2013 Audi Allroad

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As we enter our final week with the 2013 Audi Allroad, we took a moment to ask ourselves, what's one of the most defining characteristics of the Allroad? The answer that immediately came to mind is that the Allroad is a wagon.

Wagons are useful vehicles with the storage and versatility of many crossovers, but the ride and handling of cars. This would seem to provide the best of both worlds for families on the go. The Allroad fits this description and then some. We've even proven that the Allroad can go off-road, which is something you can't say about every crossover.

With 27.6 cubic feet of cargo room in the rear, the Allroad has more than enough space to carry all your knickknacks and luggage. If you need to haul a larger item, like a baby crib, you can fold down the rear seats to increase that space to 50.5 cubic feet. The rear seat back folds 60/40 so you can still haul passengers in the back while also carrying longer items.

This past weekend we hauled some larger items in the Allroad, and appreciated that the rear wheel wells didn't intrude on the interior cargo area.

The rear bumper provides a low lift-over height compared to taller crossovers, and this makes loading and unloading cargo much easier. Unfortunately, the stylish raked rear end slightly eats into the Allroad's interior space.

With cargo room rivaling many crossovers and, fuel economy and handling rivaling most sedans, we are left to wonder why consumers aren't in love with wagons.

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Comments (3)
  1. Am writing this on a road trip in Canada. Have owned several Audi wagons and -- you're right -- they are great cars, especially this latest AllRoad. Versatile and fun to drive. So why am I driving a BMW Sportswagon? Because Audi no longer offers the Avant/AllRoad in a manual. transmission. Goodbye, Audi. Hello, BMW.

  2. For $7-8k less, I'll stick with my Q5. OK, so it doesn't have the panache of a wagon, but as a utility, it is the wiser choice.

  3. Suggesting you don't know why people don't choose the wagon is disingenuous or a literary device.
    People don't choose a wagon because they want to sit higher. They also may want to have something that can tow more. Wagons have neither.

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